Catch Some Waves at FreakquenSea

It’s pretty hard to top a sunset cruise around Boston harbor, but FreakquenSea is bound to blow your average cruise out of the water. In order to properly release their new EP entitled Freakquency, The Zebbler Encanti Experience has organized a music-filled cruise alongside LostInSound and Mmmmaven. The Zebbler Encanti Experience will be bringing song their brand new live setup, as well as a giant A/V screen setup that can be seen from the shore. Get your tickets here.

Zebbler Encanti Experience

Don’t get any ideas, because the lineup aboard the ship is not one to miss. Jeff Mission, Schlang, and Camp Lamp will all be holding down their respective decks until the party heads ashore to Wonder Bar in Allston. A free bus will take you right to the after party featuring The Human Experience. Tickets are on Eventbrite here.

This isn’t the first time Mmmmaven’s crossed paths with The Zebbler Encanti Experience, in fact our Ableton class curriculum was created by the Berklee alum Encanti.

He also taught several of our first Ableton classes, and Mmmmaven would not be the same without him.

As long as you’ve got $25 and a 21+ ID, there’s nothing holding you back from a beautiful summer night filled with stunning electronic sights and sounds. Get your tickets at Eventbrite and get ready to set sail!



Teacher Spotlight: Ben "Encanti" Cantil

As a pro synthesist, price our instructor Ben “Encanti” Cantil has worked on projects with notable companies Ableton, rx Cakewalk, remedy Izotope, Source Audio, and Keith McMillen Instruments. Encanti has also worked on visual shows for EOTO and Shpongle, as well as having performed as a member of Shpongle Live‘s USA Ensemble.

In the A/V duo Zebbler Encanti Experience, He takes a novel approach to producing and performing electronic dance music, trademarked by combining heavy experimental dubstep with mind-bending synchronized visual accompaniment by VJ Zebbler. The drive behind Encanti tracks are influenced by hard dubstep producers, while the sound design draws influence from the legendary work of Richard Devine and Aphex Twin. Encanti performs his music live on laptop like an instrument, with breakdowns and mutations orchestrated on the fly.

As one of our Mmmmaven instructors, he gave students an in-depth look at how Ableton functions, its capabilities, and how to utilize it as a live tool. By covering everything from composition and sound design to mixing and mastering, students gained the technical ability to express their creativity into original productions.

ZEE is currently on tour for the summer playing shows all over the country, from Texas to Vermont and Arizona to Tennessee. Following the tour, Encanti will embark on an incredible journey as he will be teaching at Berklee’s first international campus in Valencia, Spain. There he will share the same enthusiasm and reverence for the development of creative expression he showed over the year he was with us here at Mmmmaven. We’re sad to see him go yet so thrilled for the great opportunity he’s been given. Good luck in Spain, Ben!