Designing Your Perfect Sound With Z3TA+2 and Ben Cantil


The magic of today’s music lies in its ability to be created anywhere. With an entire studio’s worth of production capabilities stored on the hard drive of a compact laptop, the world is now the musician’s studio. Over the years, even synthesizers have found their way onto our laptops, providing nearly endless possibilities for effects, filters, and patches that are no longer limited by the physical space tangible synths take up. We’ll talk more about that tonight.

One such virtual synth, the Z3TA+2 from Cakewalk, is so customizable that it verges on daunting. Thankfully, Mmmmaven is lucky enough to host a free master class tonight with Ben Cantil, an artist and Berklee assistant professor who has worked closely with Cakewalk as a sound designer.

Cantil’s workshop will illustrate how exactly electronic artists can use Z3TA+2 to customize tracks and design unique sounds, all while relieving any potential stress that comes with learning a new software.

Z3TA+2 prides itself on its applicability to all producers, regardless of preferred genre. Whether you’re dreaming of gracing major festival stages with your big room house tracks or entertaining Berlin club-goers with deep techno, this virtual synth will help you get the exact sound you want thanks to its waveshaping capabilities, 2,000-plus presets, and customizable FX.

All it takes is an understanding on the user’s part to harness the total power Z3TA+2 has to offer.

RSVP here and stop by Mmmmaven tonight to learn all about Z3TA+2 and how it can help you craft your own unique sound. If you want to get familiar with the virtual synth in the meantime, download Cakewalk’s free trial and start discovering all it has to offer.

Are you completely new to production and looking to learn more about making music with programs like Z3TA+2? Schedule a tour of Mmmmaven’s school today.