Loop 2016: Day 2

The Loop 2016 series of blog posts chronicles Mmmmaven’s Ableton intern and former student, Katharine Fountain, on her journey to Berlin to attend Ableton’s Loop Summit. Loop is three days of discussions, performances, presentations, studios sessions and interactive workshops aimed at exchanging ideas at the cutting edge of music, creativity, and technology. Click here to learn more about Loop, or connect with Katharine via Instagram or on Soundcloud .

Snapchat Takeover!

On my second day in Berlin I got to takeover Berklee‘s snapchat account and share my experience at Loop with fellow students and followers from around the world! It was a lot of fun and I tried my best to showcase as much of Loop as possible. Watch my Snapchat story from Day 2 below: ( via @kitkat_514 & @berkleesnaps)

Searching for Sound: Screening and Discussion

The first event of the day was a preview of Red Bull’s new film, Searching For Sound, followed with a discussion moderated by Loop’s Creative Producer, Ed Williams. Searching for Sound is an ongoing documentary series created by Red Bull, that follows artists on a journey back to their cultural roots in search of new inspiration for their music.

Each episode follows a single artist, capturing the experience first-hand as they explore the foundations of their music, collaborate with local artists, discover new audiences and record new sounds – all with the ultimate goal of recording and performing new material inspired by the region.

We were introduced to Indian producer Sandunes, and Russian multi-instrumentalist and producer Mitya, who shared several highlights from the documentary. As part of their journey, each artist travelled to diverse locations to engage with local musicians and learn from their traditions. The goal of their exploration was to use field recordings and traditional instruments discovered on their journey to use within their own compositions. The film was both heartwarming and entertaining, and left me eagerly awaiting its full release in the near future.

Deantoni Parks in Concert

Next, I attended an electrifying performance by producer and former drummer for The Mars Volta, Deantoni Parks. With one hand on a sampler and the rest of his limbs in control of a drum kit, Parks delivered a dynamic half analog/half MIDI performance that was unlike anything that I’ve seen before. His live set reimagines the way that music can be created and performed, and was both a visually and sonically captivating experience.

“Adding the MIDI controller really helped solve that problem. I had to drop a stick and that was the hardest part, but you gain so many opportunities with the samples. I feel like this is something I couldn’t have done ten years ago. I think the timing of it is perfect, because I had no where else to go, not that I’ll never work with bands again, I’m just over the concept. Especially when it comes to composition and arrangement, it’s too much compromising. When you’re in that moment, in your own ensemble, you’re arranging it by the moment. Everything is tight, it’s together, it’s amazing. That’s how I like writing—you get thing done more quickly, the software is made so that things get done quicker.” – Parks via XLR8R

Apart from his solo work, Parks is also the drummer for NYC based band KUDU, and is one half of electronic duo Dark Angels. His solo debut, Technoself, was released by Leaving Records in 2015.

CDR x Ableton at Prince Charles

Day 2 concluded at Berlin nightclub Prince Charles, where Ableton partnered with multi-platform music project CDR (Create, Define, Release) to host an evening of new music submitted by Loop attendees, as well as performances from the likes of Kode 9, Daedelus, and Lady Blacktronika. CDR sessions are unique in that they offer emerging producers the chance to submit their tracks to be played in a live setting, which allows the artist the opportunity to gauge crowd response and identify any modifications they would like to make to their music.

Another great day and a super fun night!

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New XLR8R Podcast Featuring John Barera and Will Martin


Some things just go so well together, diagnosis you almost wonder if they were ever really apart. There’s gin and tonic, sales for example, or bacon and eggs, or Cheech and Chong, or…well, the list is long. But you can add one more entry to that catalog: Bostonians John Barera and Will Martin.

Make It New resident DJ John Barera and DJ Will Martin have unloaded some classic house sound for the latest XLR8R podcast. XLR8R, one of the most trusted brands in modern music culture for over 20 years, rarely goes wrong.

Read on and listen over here.

Click to hear a Skype interview with the duo about the process behind the mix:

Now head to XLR8R to listen!

Surgeon Talks His Studio, Expression, and The Creative Process

Surgeon in the studio

Techno power-house Anthony Child, AKA Surgeon, talks his studio and his inspirations in a new interview with XLR8R. Get a first hand look at the producer’s extensive setup and what drives him to create new music.

I have done a lot of projects purely with Ableton, but during the 20 years that I’ve been releasing techno, I’ve really found it very important to not get too comfortable with the method and the set-up that I use, and I’ve found that many times where, if the method gets too comfortable, if it doesn’t really challenge me or push me, it’s time to change it.

Surgeon’s Modular Setup

Read the full interview and see the rest of the pictures over on XLR8R.

Surgeon can be tough as nails, but has a softer side too. See what we mean at this daytime Boiler Room DJ Set:

For info on how to become a production mastermind yourself, break Sarah off an email right now.

John Barera On The Record with Teshno


Mmmmaven’s own John Barera sat down with Teshno recently for their “on the record” interview series. On top of calling him “undoubtedly one of the breakout house producers of the last year,” they give a nice list of records to check out from a great DJ, we also got some fun little insights about what Barera is into.

For one thing we now know that it’s been a goal of his for a long time to see Stevie Wonder, he just hopes he plays ‘Too High’. We also learned that he loves to play along to Prince records in the studio, and that Prince is one of his go to artists to get an otherwise motionless dance floor moving. Barera also mentions D’angelo, Sly and the Family Stone, and KRS-One:

the first record i can remember buying was krs-one’s ‘return of the boom bap’. as a kid i listened to my dad’s records and i had a few cds, but when i decided to start my own record collection i bought this one in brooklyn, on my first record shopping trip . it’s a great record, i used to love listening to records like this and ‘midnight marauders’ by a tribe called quest, and i still do.

Read the entire interview here.

Barera and Will Martin have an album coming out soon, called Graceless. The record is being released on Steffi’s label Dolly. Editor in chief of xlr8r Shawn Reynaldo, is very excited about the album coming out.

Here is a collaboration that John did with Will Martin called Yen. A shadowy track that peaks with liquid smooth synths and grooves. Throw this on and take a ride.

John is also playing Make it New on Thursday October 9th as part of our 10 year anniversary. He’ll be doing a b2b set with Coralcola which will be followed up by Roman Flugel and South London Ordnance. Don’t miss out on all this sweet music happening on just one night! For more information on the show check out the Facebook event page.

PS: John’s new 2LP with DJ Will Martin can now be listened to at Clone.nl!