Tutorial: Breaking Down the Process Behind “Lux” w/ Subalias

Subalias- Mitchell Owens

When he’s not teaching students music production, our talented instructor Mitchell Owens releases music under the name Subalias. His most recent track, “Lux”, is a Future Bass/RnB tune carried by lush keys and soaring, soulful synth melodies over hypnotic syncopated drums guaranteed to cause profuse head-nodding.

To accompany the new release, Mitchell has blessed us with a thorough breakdown of his track in the form of a video tutorial:

In the video, Mitchell breaks down his process and techniques for composition, and sheds some light on the different sounds he used and how he made them. It’s a great watch for anyone who struggles with “8-bar loop syndrome” and wants to learn how to develop their ideas into full tracks, as well as anyone who’s into Future Bass and RnB and wants to pick up some new tricks to use in their own songs.

8 bar loop syndrome

You can watch the tutorial above, or here on our Youtube channel, and make sure to listen to the song that inspired it all, “Lux”, which you can find below.

Learn from Mitchell for free this Friday:

Liked the tutorial? Make sure to read about our music production program, where you can learn the ins and outs of Ableton Live from talented instructors like Mitchell. Contact us for more information, and to set up a free tour of our studio.

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