Trip Report Releases “Take My Heart” in Advance of #MakeItNew Appearance

This week at Make It New, we are featuring Boston’s own producer and DJ Trip Report. To honor the event, Trip Report released a new original song on his Bandcamp, “Take My Heart.”

One remix comes from our very own Ableton instructor Mitchell Owens, aka Subalias. The remix brings some dark vibes to the dancefloor. Pick it up! It’s just one buck!

A second remix comes from another Mmmmaven associate: Wigzen.

Come celebrate this week! The cover is just 5 dollars before 11pm.

Talent Not to Be Overlooked: Wigbert “Wigzen” Caro

WigzenThere is something to be said about a talented performer especially in the electronic music genre. Jokes have been made in regards to the lack of complex skills needed to play a set, no rx you know … “pushing buttons” and all that.

However, our friend Masha from Magnetic magazine had the pleasure of witnessing a blossoming local Boston producer, Wigzen.

He has managed to encompass the complexity of live mixing as well as exude a remarkable personality that is as infectious as his music and live performance. He is a highly overlooked talent that hides in the thick brush of the ever so mellow Boston underground music scene.

Needless to say, take a listen to one of his remixes. It will show you why you need to pay attention to him.

Wigzen came to Boston from the Dominican Republic in 2007 and from there began studying music at the Berklee College of Music. He graduated Berklee in 2012 with a strong background in Jazz and Bass music.

He used his newfound skill set and infused it with his exposure of Caribbean vibes to develop a style and set himself apart from his peers. Wigzen truly believed that the future of music, at that point, lied in the electronic genre.

Wigzen’s passion for House, Techno and Electronica is too strong for one simple generic association. His productions take inner influence from a range of musical styles from vintage drum machine funk to world folk music.

“I do not want to limit myself to a genre”

Wigzen together boston

Straight out of college, Wigzen caught the “producing bug” and furiously began to release new tracks every week, spending an upwards of 8 hours a day on just music production, calling it his, “pilgrimage”.

“I kinda saturated the market by myself, me and my little Soundcloud account. Just releasing tracks every week and that was like my challenge”

Wigzen, on top of being an amazing producer, also happens to be an incredible and well-respected instructor at Mmmmaven and at Berklee College of Music. He finds the experience of teaching others highly rewarding. He remarks that he tries to teach others the best way he remembers learning, through energy and dynamic production.

Want to read more of his story? Click here to find out more.

Would like to have him in your venue or party? Call 617.849.9321 or contact for further information.

Ableton Sampling and Sound Design Workshop 12/19

The infinite possibilities of options we can sample will never cease to increase in our day to day. Upon recognizing how the organization of these cut up sounds can create something modern and give us a new perspective on its emotive character, we tend to question how far can we can take any sound’s properties to make it a puzzle piece for a bigger picture.

Mmmaven instructor Wigbert Caro (@Moduloktopus + @Wigzen) will take us thru essential Ableton sampling techniques to shape and twist anything in ways we’ve never heard before.

Not bounded to any genres, learn to use basic Ableton techniques and sound twisting plugins to take anything from mundane to aurally stimulating.

The Workshop will go from 6:30pm to 7:30pm on Friday, December 19th.
RSVP for the event at Eventbrite.

For more information on sampling and sound design, check out Mmmmaven’s Production Courses! All courses and products are 10% off with the certificate code shown below!


Advanced Ableton Workflow Techniques with Wiggz


If Music production is the direct result of various decisions put together to create inspiring content for our ears, price enhancing our workflow is the most proficient way to make these decisions easier and take us closer to completing what we started.

Mmmmaven Instructor Wigbert Caro will be sharing some essential and advanced techniques to facilitate decisions and musical expression in Ableton Live. Also including organization tips to help manage samples, songs, instruments, mixing, shortcuts, and much more to make finishing music easier for everyone. The event is this Friday November 14th from 7:00-8:00PM at the Mmmmaven offices (614 Mass ave. Cambridge).

Born in Dominican Republic, Wigbert Caro has had a vibrant passion for electronic music since his first spiritual connection with its underground scene. Moving to Boston in 2007, he attended Berklee College of Music to expand his knowledge in Electronic Music Production and Professional Music to stay true to this connection. Producing under the monikers Moduloktopus, and Wigzen he covers a vast number of genres to brand himself as an “Electronic Music Chameleon”. With the prime goal of combining a vibrant imagination with technology, he is always looking to perform to audiences or teach his experience to others who share his passion for Electronic Music Culture.

The event is free, in order to secure a spot you should RSVP at our eventbrite page. Otherwise the event might fill up!