MMMMaven Record Fair


Join our co-founder David Day and one of #MakeItNew‘s original resident DJ Baltimoroder as they pull some CHOICE cuts from their large stacks of wax. Minimal techno, micro-house, dub techno, dub reggae, classic house: Choice cuts. Labels will include Playhouse, Perlon, Kompakt, Soul Jazz, and much, much, more.

Joining them will be two local legends. One needs no introduction: DJ Kon is probably the best DJ in Boston. Kon will bring some of his lowest-hanging fruit which, to the traditional DJ, is peak-season harvest.

K.C. Hallett will bring some of his own, and needless to say, extensive, collection. You might know him from his years of the pioneering Soul Revival party in Boston’s South End. Or from his opening for Questlove, DJ Spinna, Kid Koala, Slum Village… Etc.

Also, this Friday you can pop into our Ableton lab where this semester’s Ableton intern Katherine can walk you through some Ableton production sessions.


How to Beatmatch with DJ Rugged One


MMMMAVEN’s DJ Program instructor DJ Rugged One teaches how to beat match records by ear. While he is demonstrating using Serato and control vinyl in this particular tutorial, the same method applies when mixing vinyl records.

Rugged One, (an ardent Dallas Cowboy fan, fwiw!) still finds the time to teach our weekend courses.

Want to learn from the award-winning scratchmaster? That’s easy. Just email me and we’ll get started.

Turntable-Related Humor

DJing isn’t always fun and games, but when it is, it sure is funny.  This French Bulldog has clearly taken our DJ 101 Class:

And these kittens don’t need a scratching post, they seem to be doing just fine scratching on turntables:

While many DJs have switched to a digital performance method, this man still understands the true joy of records:

New Yorker Vinyl

Even Spock can can get down with vinyl:

Spock Vinyl DJ

Have you been DJing long enough to feel like this guy?

Old Guy Record Crates

We knew Pope Francis was cool… but we didn’t know he was this cool

Pope DJ

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