Korg Unveils New FM Synth at NAMM 2016

Over the weekend at NAMM 2016, Korg previewed an unreleased FM synthesizer, which will eventually become part of their Volca line of cheap and portable hardware.

The Volca FM is a 6-operator FM synth that can read and play DX-7 patches. It also offers an enhanced version of the Volca sequencer.

The new synth will feature six operators, three voices, a revamped Volca sequencer, memory for 32 patches and 16 sequences, a built-in chorus, as well as compatibility with Yamaha DX-7 patches.

Though we have no word on an official release date, the folks over at Synthtopia have a preview of its sound:

We’re expecting that the Volca FM will retail for around the same as others in the Volca line, and should be released in the next few months.

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