DJ Instructor @URBoys Calls out his Favorite DJ Mix of 2015


Our DJ Instructor (and @BeatAcademyBOS supervisor) Pete O’Karma has always had a robust sense of humor:

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So when it came to selecting his favorite DJ mix of 2015, it should come as no surprise it’s with a heavy dose of tongue-in-cheek:


This mix is a collaboration from Four color Zack, a Red Bull 3style winner and dj Craze, the only 3peating dmc champ, and arguably the best Turntablist in the world. Not to mention it’s starts with a Montage making fun of poser djs culminating in a “F..Harwell” track that speaks how a lot of talented djs feel about the EDM storm that is pilfering our culture.

Peep it:

DJ Esq is key in our mission to educate kids about the value of music. We go through the devices and the DJ/hip-hop culture they love. You can find all the details by clicking here.

Bonus mix! Pete recently dropped his own “Dope Shxt 4 Dope People” groove for the homies at Cop that here:

KillerBoomBox x Table Manners – Dope Shxt 4 Dope People Vol. 2 by Killerboombox on Mixcloud

10 Reasons Why You Should Still Know How to Beatmatch By Ear


Here inside our DJ lab, we teach on vinyl and turntables for a reason. Not only is it to establish tradition or teach people how to scratch (still an amazing skill!).

Most importantly, it’s to get our graduated DJs used to mixing by ear, which really officially makes you a proper “DJ.” knows of what we speak. In their post, they name 10 distinct reasons you should know how to beatmatch by ear. For example, #4:

It allows you to mix to, from, or with other DJs.

If you are reliant on one particular setup and the ability to sync your tracks, you might as well throw out the idea of an impromptu tag-team set with a fellow DJ. While it’s true that there are ways to electronically sync multiple DJ setups, it adds unnecessary complication, doesn’t always work, and doesn’t allow for you to play alongside a vinyl DJ. It’s much easier (and more fun) to be able to just mix back and forth and not worry about what media formats are being used.

Here’s our instructor DJ Rugged One with a quick tutorial:

Click on through to see the rest of these thoughtful concepts plus more (like a scene from the Karate Kid)!

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How to Beatmatch with DJ Rugged One


MMMMAVEN’s DJ Program instructor DJ Rugged One teaches how to beat match records by ear. While he is demonstrating using Serato and control vinyl in this particular tutorial, the same method applies when mixing vinyl records.

Rugged One, (an ardent Dallas Cowboy fan, fwiw!) still finds the time to teach our weekend courses.

Want to learn from the award-winning scratchmaster? That’s easy. Just email me and we’ll get started.

The 8 Best DJ Turntables On The Market

Just the thought of using turntables besides Technics can spark feelings of rage in some DJ’s, but, sadly, they’re no longer producing turntables. However, life goes on and new turntables continue to go on the market for DJ’s on a budget or those who want to stick with something a bit more modern. With the door open for companies to leave their mark on the world of DJing, new turntables are coming out faster than DJs know what to do with them. To make things easier Fact Magazine has compiled a list of the best turntables available today.

1. Gemini PT2000 ($115+)

Gemini has gotten a bad rep in the DJ community, but they’re on the upswing. Previously known for producing less than stellar products, they did put out a few relatively reliable units, the PT2000 being one of them. This turntable is able to get the basics done while avoiding a lot of problems that budget turntables often suffer. It’s not the most spectacular unit on the list, but the price can’t be beat.


2. Stanton ST.150 ($600+)

The ST.150 is an absolute rock. Weighing in at almost 45 pounds, it goes without saying that this isn’t a very portable turntable. However, it’s extremely solid and captures that authentic Technics feel. With high-end essentials such as an S-shaped arm, digital connection, detachable leads, a slip mat, and a free cartridge, you really can’t go wrong with this unit.

“As for the motor? It’s strong enough to beat you up if you don’t talk nicely to it.”

3. Stanton T.92 USB ($300+)

The T.92 is essentially a scaled down version of the ST.150. It still has a high torque motor, 3 speeds, RCA sockets, and USB and S/PDIF digital outputs. It might not be the sleekest looking turntable, but in terms of functionality, it’s an excellent unit.


4. Audio Technica AT-LP1240 USB ($400+)

It looks like the SL-1200 Mk.II, and has all of the features and then some. With 3 different speeds, a built-in pre-amp, a USB port, two sets of start/stop buttons with varying speeds, pitch width changer, and a centre lit pitch fader this unit definitely doesn’t come up short on features. The included software also allows you to convert vinyl to digital, which can be a handy tool in terms of keeping music organized in the digital DJing world.

“This is a bit of a Swiss Army knife of a turntable.”



5. Numark TTX USB ($370+)

Coming in at about 35 pounds, this unit is far from light. However, what it loses in portability, it makes up for in functionality and durability. It’s high torque motor, quartz lock, USB port, and dual start/stop buttons all work like a breeze, but what really sets this unit apart is its digital readout, which features RPM, pitch, torque and tempo.


6. Reloop RP7000 ($600+)

Looks familiar familiar right? The RP7OOO is essentially a Technics SL-1200 Mk.II, but with plastic chassis and a metal upper, which makes it significantly lighter. It doesn’t come cheap, but with MIDI, a digital read-out, a single bank of effects pads, and a bunch of other awesome features, you get your money’s worth.

7. Vestax PDX3000 MKII ($550)

It’s expensive, and its made entirely out of plastic. That price tag isn’t for nothing though. This unit comes with Vestax’s exclusive Anti Skipping Tonearm, which does exactly what it claims. On top of that, it comes with a whole host of other features, including an adjustable break/start time and a wide pitch range.

8. Technics SL-1200 Mk.II ($375+)

While this list is intended to give other turntables a much-deserved time to shine, it would be impossible to talk about the best without mentioning the classic. Most DJs swear by it, and it’s currently the only unit our instructors use here at Mmmmaven for our classes. Yes, they aren’t in production anymore and haven’t been for some time, but they’re still very easy to purchase via Ebay/Craigslist/Etc.

“It has everything any DJ could ever want and then some. “


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