What You’ll Hear Tonight at #MakeItNew


Tonight at Make It New we’re hosting one of the most prominent and forward-thinking minds in the world: Patrice Baumel. Is that an over-statement? Perhaps. You be the judge:

One listen and you’ll know why he dubbed the track “Mike Tyson.”

For years, Patrice commanded a residency at Trouw in Amsterdam, widely regarded as one of the world’s finest nightclubs.


Want more music? Arrive before 11pm, pay just $10 and get to listen to Baltimoroder, who is an intructor in our DJ lab. Here is a recording of his DJ set opening for Detroit Swindle last week:

But wait, there’s more. Coralcola joins Balti in the booth to give you even more sounds for those ears.

We’ll see you later.

10/29: Make It New with Job Jobse (NL)


The resident DJ is on the rise.

As the EDM phenomenon drills down into the underground, the light-shining activity is exposing a new appreciation for the resident DJ and that couldn’t make us more happy.

Like a knife and a well-worn sharpening tool, the resident cuts their experience against an in-built crowd.

They find the gems that work, the edits that don’t, and the remixes that bring the house down.

If this is the case: Job Jobse can cut through steel.

Beginning with renowned and revered Amsterdam hotspot club 11, Job then took up a place at Trouw, which became one of the biggest destinations for underground house lovers the world over. Jobse calls what he plays “trance” and adhered to this genre beginning with an internship at Innervisions. So if you know Dixon & Ame, you know what to expect from Job: luxurious, melodic, and romantic trance.

So maybe in this case the knives are arrows and Job Jobse is cupid.

Get stuck —–>

Make It New with Job Jobse (NL)
Thursday October 29th
Middlesex Lounge
315 Mass. Ave.
Central Square Cultural District