Mmmmaven Recharge Lounge: Music Tech Workshops [5/12]


Every weekday during the Together Festival, you can head over to Mmmmaven studios to relax, listen to music, charge your devices, and participate in awesome workshops.

On Monday, ToUch Performance Art will have a Masterclass Workshop for Collaborative Artists, followed by “Integrating Hardware & Software w/ Ableton Live,” hosted by Damian from Bassic Boston.

ToUch Performance Art’s workshop works with one of the main focuses of the Together festival: collaboration. It’s recommended that musicians bring their instrument for the live collaboration session during the workshop. The masterclass will cover production track analysis, how to build escalating rhythms & riffs, call-and-response between musicians, and more collaboration techniques.

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Then Damian will teach about working with hardware and software in Ableton Live. He will cover MIDI and Control Voltage control voltage comparison, Using hardware synths and effects processors with Ableton and Integrating hardware controllers (Maschine, Keyboard, Electronic Drum Kits) into software based studio.

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