On Monday May 16th, join the conversation at the Mmmmaven Recharge Lounge, with Mark Van Bergen, author of Dutch Dance on the history and international origins of electronic dance music in party culture both in America and the Netherlands (1970-present).

Mark van Bergen (1975, The Netherlands) is one of the major connaisseurs of dance music and culture in this small but scene dominating country.

What started with dj-ing and dropping parties at the time house music entered nightlife (at the same time he did), is now a full specialism.

As a journalist, Mark has been writing about dance music and party culture since 2000
(newspapers, magazines and now for his own founded blog Our House). He interviewed most of the key players in the scene and visited dozens of major events – mainstream and underground. In 2013 he released his first book: ‘Dutch Dance’, about 25 years of the infamous scene in his country.


This first overview story of dance music/culture in The Netherlands was rewarded with the Pop Media Prize, the most important award for music journalism in Holland. Since 2014, Mark is also a lecturer on Dance Industry at Academy for Creative Industries in his hometown Tilburg. He runs the Dutch Dance Industry Lab, in which all dance related activities of this high quality, internationally focussed academy are collected.

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For the week of Together 2016 festival we invite you to visit the Mmmmaven Recharge Lounge. It will open Monday, May 16th through the 22nd as your place to meet festival-goers and the Together team, listen to local DJs, power up, relax, and hydrate before the evening’s festivities. Don’t miss hands-on interactive workshops with leading music technology brands, like Novation, Ableton, and Denon more. Check out full schedule here.

Preparing for Your First DJ Gig [2/26 #FREE]

Screenshot 2016-02-24 at 2.54.16 PM

So you’ve made your tracklist and checked it twice, and now it’s time for your first professional gig. Mmmmaven’s own Fens guides us through your first gig preparation check list and gives tales from the road of what to expect when you’re stepping up for your first performance.

Library management, professional etiquette, and other tips to help ensure that your first gig won’t be your last. Be sure to swing by for this free workshop and strengthen your DJ career beyond the booth.

Fens is a resident DJ at Shake!, a monthly party held at Goodlife. He is also the co-founder of the now defunct Banana Peel Records, formerly of JASS, and MMMMaven. He DJs, and has also been fortunate to have played at venues such as Middlesex Lounge, House of Blues, Le Poisson Rouge, Goodlife, Enormous Room, Middle East Downstairs, Fenway Park, RISE, among others, as well as having shared the booth with DJs like Machinedrum, Objekt, Pangaea, L-VIS 1990, SBTRKT, Christian Martin, DJ Assault, Tevo Howard, Incyde, Tittsworth, Battles, Ghostland Observatory, and many more.

Free Friday WorkshopPreparing for Your First Gig
Friday February 26th
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Bob Moses on Ableton

Bob Moses Ableton Interview
Bob Moses is a two man music project consisting of Tom Howie and Jimmy Vallance, hailing from Brooklyn, NY. They have distinguished themselves by their ability to flawlessly combine organic and electronic music, and their brand of pop-influenced Deep House has been well-received by fans. From their start on the Frank & Tony EPs on esteemed Scissor and Thread imprint in 2012 to 2015’s Days Gone By LP on Domino, the duo have come a long way. We’re no strangers to the sound of Bob Moses, as we’ve hosted the duo in Boston on a few occasions already, including Mmmmaven’s 4-Year Anniversary party, a night at Make It New, and a spot in the 2015 Together Festival.

Ableton makes it easy to layer sounds and samples quickly. We can record a loop from vinyl, time stretch it, pitch it up or down, cut bits out, totally change the groove…all in less than a minute. -Tom

Bob Moses are also big fans of Ableton Live, the Digital Audio Workstation software we teach in our music production courses, and use it extensively for both producing and performing music. The folks over at Ableton sat down for an interview with the two to discuss how they use Ableton Live as a part of their set-up. You can read the full interview here, and listen to some more of Bob Moses’ music below.

Interested in learning to use Ableton Live? Mitchell will take you all the way from programming your first drum loops and basslines to finishing up your own very own original track.

Make It New with Patrice Baumel [3/31]


First came “Roar,” a completely mangling and brutal track from the minimal days. Sounding as if a broken weed whacker had been thrown into the middle of the club, the snarling, bass-free corker got the attention of the entire worldwide underground.

Baumel never looked back.

He eventually became a huge player and resident at Trouw which, after Berghain, might have been #2 in the “world’s greatest clubs” listicle. (RIP) Around the world he continues to shake up clubs, with mixes like this intense, and dark masterpiece DJ set, recorded live at Burning Man.

It would be a tremendous waste of space to list all the labels he’s released with but think of your favorite modern dance music label: Yep. That one.

“Bäumel infuses his productions and dj sets with lots of energy and a sense of adventure, creating a sound that is satisfies the mind as well as the body.”

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Make It New with Patrice Baumel
Thursday March 31st
Middlesex Lounge
315 Mass Ave
Central Square Cultural District
Cambridge, MA

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