Make It New w/ Gerd Janson, resident Mike Swells, Cultures of Soul [8/25]

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Gerd Janson never wanted to become one of the world’s most beloved DJs. He was, like many of us, just a huge fan. A music journalist to begin with, he took off once becoming a resident at Robert Johnson in Frankfurt, Germany. Around then, he started a label– Running Back –where he could sign his favorite music.

Boom. The rest is history.

Red Bull Music Academy Radio Bio:
One of our most treasured Academy team members, Gerd Janson is the quintessential DJ’s DJ, unearthing the gems that get other music lovers hot and excited. The man has his plate full. Whether at the helm of the long-running Liquid club night at Frankfurt’s Robert Johnson with DJ comrade Thomas Hammann, dishing out simmering analog House as co-owner of label Running Back, or penning many a story for Germany’s Spex and Groove magazines, not to mention his scholarship of American studies, he seems to run on more powerful batteries than the rest of us.

Janson is joined by resident DJ Mike Swells and a special opening set from Deano Sounds , a/k/a the propritor of Cultures of Soul, Somerville’s great record label. Gerd Janson recently remixed “Flash a Flashlight” for that label.

So, a night of simply amazing music. Bring cash for wax!

Make It New w/ Gerd Janson+ resident Mike Swells+ Deano Sounds (Gerd Janson Remix release party)Thursday August 25th
Middlesex Lounge
315 Massachusetts Ave.
Central Square Cultural District
Cambridge, MA

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Oneohtrix Point Never at The Sinclair (Mon 3/14)


Presented in association w/ Mmmmaven, Oneohtrix Point Never will play The Sinclair on March 14th. Doors are at 8pm / 18+ / $22 advance, $24 day of show. RSVP on FB & then buy your tickets before it sells out!

Oneohtrix Point Never is musician, composer and producer Daniel Lopatin. Active under the moniker since 2007.

Lopatin has released numerous EPs and full length albums with the most recent being his album, Garden of Delete, in November 2015.

Buy OPN's album here!
Buy OPN’s album here!

His unique approach to composition and creation has proven him to be an influential and significant figure of the modern soundscape.

Lopatin founded Brooklyn-based Software Recording Company and has collaborated with a multitude of talented artists and musicians. See him collaborate live with Flume & artist Nate Boyce below!

As he has risen to prominence, his catalogue has grown to include pieces commissioned by museums and esteemed organizations and festivals, as well as film scores and production credits.

The 0PN show will be an A/V delight. Get your tickets now.

Also, be sure to check out our DJ’ing and production classes, held in our state of the art labs. For any questions feel free to contact us.

4 Years 4 M’s

Jon Hopkins, who played our launch party.

Four years ago, the music, art, and technology festival called Together Boston had a storefront location in the heart of Central Square, Cambridge. Inside they held discussions, hosted a series of DJ in the live lab, and generally had an open space where music lovers could gather, chat, and chill. As we were closing down and moving out, we heard from a number of people that they were unhappy. No one wanted to see the space closed as it was a benefit to the community at large.

That’s when Managing Director Alex Maniatis and Creative Director David Day turned and looked at each other.

They said, “Why can’t we just do this all year?”

And Mmmmaven was born.

With the distinctive 4 M’s (each M represents 4 beats, so for M’s = 4/4 time signature) we went in search of investors, and met a lot of quizzical faces. We were told numerous times that “EDM” is just a fad (pro tip: We don’t really deal in “EDM”) or that there wasn’t an interest in the Boston music community.

“Why open this in a ‘rock town’ like Boston?”

The answer, of course, is that Boston has a passion for music and always has. With a wide array of musicians who could learn Ableton, or newly-graduated students looking to DJ, or simply Boston’s lengthy history of a passion for music, there’s not another city that makes more sense.

Eventually, with the help of our valiant General Manager Corina Hernandez, we launched a kickstarted and found a way to open. Some of our first instructors were close friends like Erik Pearson (aka Baltimoroder) or Ableton super-gurus like Encanti (a/k/a Ben Cantil).

Baltimoroder – Mmmmix #1 for @mmmmaven by Mmmmaven on Mixcloud

Soon, we were graduating students. These students would go to find bonds, and make their way up the ladder. What Alex and I really didn’t anticipate, however, was the community at large that would form.

Matt Rohr, Alex Maniatis, Corina Hernandez, and myself in the Boston Globe.
Fens, Alex Maniatis, Corina Hernandez, and myself in the Boston Globe.

Soon the team recruited Sarah Hoffman, who answered a Craigslist ad looking for a Business Development Director. More would join up, everyone from award-winning Boston DJ Leah V to Berklee and Ableton whizkid Wigbert “Wigz” Caro. Charles Mazzola, Andrew Hlynsky, DJ Rugged One, Polina Starobinets, the list goes on and on.

And that’s just the instructors. As I mentioned it was the larger community, the alumni, those who would attend a workshop or Make It New, that formed an extra-wide group of people …

all of whom share a passion to see the worlds of music and technology not only grow, but thrive.

So to anyone reading this sentence who has contributed in any way over the last four years, I hope you’ll consider this video below a result of you and your time and your effort.

Thank you.

See you tonight!

All the Way Live: Bakermat at the Sinclair


Bakermat’s career is fairly new: hailing from The Netherlands, the 23 year old DJ has quickly become popular on the “tropical deep house” movement that’s spreading throughout Europe. Combining electronic music with elements of jazz and soul, the upbeat pseudo-pop sound has pervaded radio stations throughout the country for the last year. Bakermat stands out mainly due to his sampling techniques, using snippets of Dr Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech and samples of Shirley Caesar’s gospel singing.

Thanks to “Vandaag” I now know most of the speech by heart, as we all know song lyrics are easier to memorize than any actually pertinent information.

The show started with one of his older tracks “Black Cat John Brown”, his spin on fellow Dutch artists Alamo Race Track, whose original song is a little bluesy and a little gritty. Bakermat’s added beats turn the original song into a mysterious and guitar riff driven house kicker. The live version was aided by the appearance of a saxaphone player, who at some point during the show lost his saxaphone and just had a great time jumping around to the music on stage.

The tour was titled “Another Man”, after the name of his newest track and this was Bakermat’s first stop on his first solo North American tour, and Boston gave him the reception he deserves. When the opening vocals started the crowd went wild.

While Boston is not very renowned for its great crowd mentality the mob on Friday was moving and dancing with passion.

A surprising addition to the show was Bakermat’s remix of Florence and the Machine’s “You’ve Got the Love”–which while originally a hugely popular song, is not one of Bakermat’s greatest remixes. Some people (mostly friends of mine who fear and revile electronic music) think that Bakermat, and others in the tropical house movement, just take a song and add a bit of saxaphone here and some marimba there. But it’s definitely more than that, the aesthetic of Bakermat is about delving into the rich history of music and combining all sorts of random junk that otherwise would seem totally nonsensical. “Strandfeest” is made up of a pseudo-doorbell noise and pan pipes, and while Bakermat didn’t play this gem at the show on Friday I was hoping to see another addition to his live band players be in the form of a Peruvian flute band.

One of the greatest was “Teach Me”, a gospel inspired tour de force of upbeat emotion and Bakermat’s closing song for the show. Unfortunately due to the half an hour wasted after the fire alarm went off, the show was cut short since regulations state no concerts at The Sinclair can go past 1am. The crowd was bummed but as I found, it’s hard to walk out of a Bakermat show in bad spirits. The combination of good beats, some major saxaphone work, and the elements of uplifting jazz and soul that permeate his music is a recipe for total exhilaration and good humour. A rocky, but otherwise hugely successful start to Bakermat’s first (but most definitely not last) North American tour.

That smile is pure joy. @thesinclair @boweryboston #Bakermat #lesax

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This is a guest review by Kate Griffiths. To connect with Kate, hit her up on twitter and LinkedIn.