Inside the Livecoding Algorave Movement

You want the future of music? Here’s one idea. They call it Algorave (via CDM)

“You can’t really separate music from community.”

“I see the same motivation behind wiring and re-wiring a modular synthesizer and modifying live code while it runs.”

“I like the folk music model where people borrow tunes from each other all the time. Free/open source music fits into that nicely.”


Way, way, WAY more over at CDM Blogs.

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Robert Henke: Failure = Success


As we’ve been keeping track of newly-released videos from last year’s inaugural Ableton Loop conference, one was over-looked.

Back in April the music software released the keynote speech from one of Ableton’s creators, musician Robert Henke, aka Monolake.

Among many valuable insights, Robert Henke’s keynote presentation at Loop 2015 offers sage advice on dealing with the multitasking nature of modern music making, how to learn from machines, and the counter-intuitive yet undeniable value of failure as a driver of musical and technical innovation.

Watch the keynote, titled “Failure = Success” (!!) here:

Visit other discussions and speakers from last year’s innovative music summit here.

Want to go to Loop 2016? Find more info here.

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Are These the Coolest Headphones Ever?


They’re called Ossic and they promise to deliver the world’s most advanced 3-D audio smart sound. See what they mean here:

There are only two days left to drop $299 on these bad boys and have them delivered by next March. Much, much more at their Indiegogo campaign here.


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Achieve Nervana: Nerve Stimulating Headphones Synced to Your Music

Headphone company Nervana is looking to revolutionize your music listening experience, with new earbuds designed to provide Vagus nerve stimulation synced to the pulse of your music.

The Vagus nerve is responsible for producing neurotransmitters that create happiness and enhance your mood, and by stimulating this nerve to the pulse of your music, Nervana hopes to create a new way of experiencing music.


Their headphones give users the ability to experience stimulation of the Vagus nerve synced to music of their choosing, or to put them in Ambient mode and allow the headphones to act based on the sound around them, for use at concerts or simply when walking around.


They also provide the option for nerve stimulation according to pre-designed formulas without accompanying music.

NERVANA is the only consumer product that synchronizes nerve stimulation with sound, allowing the user to experience qualities of music never felt before.

Nervana earbuds consist of two components, the Nervana Generator, which analyzes incoming audio signals and generates a Vagus nerve stimulation signal based on a sensitivity level set by the user, and the Nervana headphones, which contain high fidelity speakers as well as the technology to route the electrical signals to the earbud in order to stimulate the ear canal and the Vagus nerve.


The Nervana generator also contains a microphone for receiving incoming signals from the environment. Since Ambient Mode responds to the sound of the environment around the user, it can allow multiple people to experience the same Vagus nerve stimulation simultaneously, such as in a concert environment, providing a unique group experience as well.

NERVANA is completely portable. You can bring it to concerts, and other public music venues. To escape reality, it is as easy as picking your favorite song, popping in the NERVANA Headphones, and starting the NERVANA Generator.


Nervana is the brainchild of two brothers, doctors Richard and Daniel Cartledge, who sought to provide the effects of surgically implanted Vagus nerve stimulators in a non-invasive consumer product. Pre-sales for the Nervana headphones are scheduled to begin in the Spring of 2016. For more information head to Nervana’s Official site.