Soul Clap Record Fair [FRI 10/10]


The Soul Clap record fair we hosted during the Together Boston this past May had such a good turnout we decided it was only appropriate to do another one! Come dig for vinyl straight from the collections of some of Boston’s most renowned selectors. There will be a large array of different styles from some serious collectors here, from $1 bin jams to hard-to-find classics.

If you’re looking for some new listening material, to spice up your next DJ set or a dusty gem to sample on your next track, here’s your chance.

Here is a list of the confirmed sellers:

Pete Dev/Null (90s breakbeat hardcore, jungle, dnb)
Pat Fontes 6-8pm (techno, tech house, speed garage)
Caseroc (house, techno, dnb)
Studebaker Hawk (disco, house, hip hop, funk, jazz, basically everything)
Safi Omar Andujar (reggae, african & colombian)
Will Mayo (from Deep Thoughts JP)
Nick Minieri (house, dnb, Zakim records on sale)

The fair is happening this Friday October 10th from 4-8pm at the Mmmmaven studios (614 Mass ave Cambridge). Check out the Facebook page for updates.

H/T to Nick Minieri for organizing this. He’s been an integral part of Together Boston for years. His Zakim 005 celebrated the local scene, including a track from Mmmmaven Ableton instructor Moduloktopus:

Whorl, Simian Mobile Disco’s New LP and Live Project


Going out into the brutal California desert not the first idea that comes to mind when recording an album, but Simian Mobile Disco spent three days in the heat to record their latest project, Whorl. The UK duo’s new LP is slated for release on September 6th on the label Anti-.

Supposedly the duo went out to the desert with just a hardware rig, consisting of two modular synths, two sequencers, and a mixer to record their entire LP.

They will be recreating the production process used in crafting the album for their live setup. A tour is in the works, so keep your eyes peeled for a possible Boston date. The single, “Tangent” drops July 1st, you can preview the track in the video below, and also get a glimpse at their new live setup.

Get the full scoop on SMD in the desert at the OC Weekly Blog

The whole thing was a trip. Only a fearless electronic act act like Simian Mobile Disco would have the balls to record an album amidst the murky unknown that the whole event whipped up. The show’s surging, bass-riddled finale stuck with me as I drove back home through the darkness of the desert.

Simian Mobile Disco actually was a band called “Simian” before making the move into future music. Want to make the jump? Bounce over to our courses page and get in touch with Sarah today. Your time is now.