Mogees: Play The World

Mogees Fence

Mogees, a company in London, plans to change the way electronic music is performed. Their flagship product, also called Mogees, combines a high-tech vibration sensor and revolutionary music software to create one of the most unique products on the market. Mogees isn’t an instrument, so much as it is the maker of instruments; its vibration sensor allows you to place it on any object, and play it as a musical instrument.

Here is Mogees’ CEO and founder Bruno Zamborlin demoing Mogees at a TEDx event in Brussels:

The launch of Mogees is due mostly to two successful Kickstarter campaigns: one in 2014 and one in 2015. However, their enduring interest among electronic musicians is due to the sheer versatility of the product. Tired of using your coatrack to trigger samples? Why not try using a dinner plate? Or your kitchen table? The possibilities are literally endless with Mogees.

Mogees is also versatile on the digital side, allowing for use with popular production applications (Ableton Live, Logic, FL Studio, etc.), not just Mogees included (and expanding) sound library.

Look at what what percussionist Andrea Oboe was able to do with Mogees and a steel beam:

You can buy Mogees here. Even though they are based in London, they ship to anywhere in the world!

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Digital Holidaze With Mmmmaven and Do617 [12/11] #FREE

1201_mmmmaven_eblast (1)

Join us for our special edition of a holiday party featuring the latest in state-of-the art music technology. We’re partnering with Do617, the Boston branch of pro-local network DoStuff, to show you synths, software, and skills! Learn the DJ software Serato, play on some machines from Roland, Novation, and Akai, and create music with the powerful digital audio workstation known as Ableton Live.

Reserve your spot! To go, you must be 21+ and you must RSVP here.

Special guest musical selections come from Boston’s own Begbick! Formerly of a number of bands (remember Mystery Roar?), Nate Bluhm has since mastered the mix, even becoming a music video mixing as a VJ. With residencies at clubs all around town, Bluhm most recently helms the decks at Machine’s astonishingly dope Controversy party every Saturday.

Do617 will be providing the suds from Goose Island as you mix and mingle in and around the most cutting-edge musical gear. Capacity is limited, and admission is free! So be sure to RSVP for this special, 21+ holiday party here.

Bonus Video!

Boston found itself snowed in on February 9, and since no one was able to go out and see live music, Do617‘s Snowed In series brings the live music to the people. Here is Orchids performing Entwined.’

The Top 50 VST/AU Synth Plugins (Part 1)

VST synths have been a huge part of producing ever since its introduction in 1999 with Cubase 3.7. Now 16 years later, there are several hundreds of thousands of VST/AU synths to choose from. How do you find which one is best for you with all the options that are available? Musicradar is here to help as they have compiled a list of their top 50 VST/AU Synth Plugins for us to choose from!

50) Wolfgang Palm PPG WaveMapper 2

Starting off the list strong is the PPG WaveMapper 2. This synth comes equipped with three oscillators,three noise generators, four LFOs, a 24dB/octave low-pass filter, the Arptor step sequencer, and more!

WaveMapper 2 is probably Wolfgang Palm’s best software synth yet. It’s immensely powerful, hugely enjoyable to use and truly unique

49) Madrona Labs Kaivo

The Kaivo synth from Madrona Labs comes equipped with pads, ambience, and what Music Radar calls “‘realistic’ physical modelling”

This is an instrument that’s truly inspiring to use, sounds wonderful and does things that no other synth can.

48) LinPlug Spectral  

Next up is the LinPlug Spectral synth. This one comes equipped with four oscillator sections that have their own filters and amp/filter envelopes. It also comes with a massive 850 presets available for use.

It won’t be for everyone, but if the idea of hand-designing unique textures right down to the raw oscillator level appeals, with its friendly interface, easy learning curve and superb, characterful sound, Spectral could well be the synth for you.

For a more in-depth review of these synths along with the rest of the list, please visit the original article written by Music Radar.

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3 Reasons Not to Miss Jacques Greene Live

Screenshot 2014-11-19 at 1.16.25 PM

Not sure why to ride the Red Line to Harvard Square tonight? Apart from saying “I saw them when” (that’s sort of our forte) or bringing the pals to a tasty night out, here’s three more reasons we can justify dipping into your hard-earned checking account.

  • 1. Producers are the “new normal.”
  • It’s OK.

    Since the advent of singular talents like Giorgio Moroder or Nile Rodgers or Pauline Oliveros (or DJ Premiere or Arthur Baker), technology has allowed musically gifted minds and venturing experimenters the opportunity to create music as a kind of “one-man band.” Why sometimes struggle making a song with more than one person when you can do it all yourself?

    Fast-forward to the future year of 2014 and you have names like Fourtet, Caribou and Jon Hopkins.

    All these talents come from a background in band-dom but chose to throw themselves into the machine. If you like any of those artists, you’re going to love Jacques.

    Because Greene is doing just that. With the debut of his live sound, we’ll see him pulling out all sorts of tips and tricks on drum machines, MPC pads and who knows what else. There’s no need to watch as much as listen, soak it in and feel the vibes.

  • 2. It’s bound to be sexy.
  • When we say “bring a date” we meant it.

    Our man Jacques tows the line between dreamy, subterranean R&B, future-forward hip-hop and lush somewhat ambient house. He can bring the heat just as much as anyone, but you’ll see a distinct lack of fist-pumping.

    To get a taste, press play on his latest mix for Fact Magazine, which despite being a “DJ set,” is rife with his own music. It also features Holy Ghost, Tiga’s ever-present “Bugatti” and, yes, Sean “P. Diddy” Combs.


  • 3. Yes, he’ll probably rock some type of VIP treatment of “Another Girl”
  • Probably

    Mssr. Greene exploded into the musical realm via the famous Lucky Me family with his sample-heavy song “Another Girl.” It’s essentially what has brought him to the heights where he’s featured on BBC Radio 1. And while he’s going to rumble through his most recent EP, his collaborations with star vocalists and maybe tease some of the work he did with Radiohead, you’re almost certain to hear some part of this inevitably iconic classic:

    Tickets are still available and will probably be on the door too, but maybe get two now just to be safe. Arrive early to groove to Yvng Paul of The Wave party as you get sufficiently ready to allow Jacques to take over your hips.

    Your date will be quite pleased.