On Sunday, May 17th Together Boston is celebrating the synthesizer era by holding a “petting zoo” inside the Mmmmaven Project labs at 614 Massachusetts Ave in Central Square from 12pm until 4pm we will be displaying as wide array of synthesizers as possible. We welcome music lovers of all ages to stop by and try out the gear.


For the week of Together 2016 festival we invite you to visit the Mmmmaven Recharge Lounge. It will open Monday, May 16th through the 22nd as your place to meet festival-goers and the Together team, listen to local DJs, power up, relax, and hydrate before the evening’s festivities. Don’t miss hands-on interactive workshops with leading music technology brands, like Novation, Ableton, and Denon more. Check out full schedule here.

Yamaha to release new workstation synthesizer: Montage


Another day (well, view a few hours anyway!), viagra dosage another gear release in front of The Namm Show this weekend.

The Yamaha Montage combines sample-based subtractive synthesis with eight-operator FM and 128-note polyphony. A “Super Knob” gives you control over multiple parameters simultaneously, allowing users to create complex changes with a single encoder, while “Motion SEQ” are tempo-synced sequencers that can be assigned to modulate a wide variety of controls.

An envelope follower can turn external audio into a modulation source and a variety of DSP effects cover ground from EDM-ready beat-repeats and sidechain compression to more sensitive takes on piano dampening and amp emulations. You can further gear out at the Gearslutz forum.

Rampant advances in synthesizer technology called for us to start a Music Synthesis program for the Gear Addict inside us all. Email me for more info on our hardware classes.

Roland Launches Its First Music Game App

TRRECHere’s something has been a long-time coming:

Roland is pleased to announce the launch of the TR-REC GAME on Apple’s App Store and Google Play. TR-REC GAME is a rhythm entry game app for smartphones and tablets that incorporates the rhythm programming schemes used in Roland’s TR-808 and TR-8 rhythm machines.

Players can enjoy programming authentic dance music in a fun game setting. TR-REC GAME features 16 original dance music pieces, and 48 stages in all. Players receive points for tapping in the rhythmic elements correctly, and receive bonus points for completing a pattern.

To download the TR-REC GAME, click here.

Want to get your hands on a real Roland? That’s sort of the final boss of our Master Program, which ends with a course in live music synthesis. More info on that can be found here. Payment plans available!

Mogees: Play The World

Mogees Fence

Mogees, a company in London, plans to change the way electronic music is performed. Their flagship product, also called Mogees, combines a high-tech vibration sensor and revolutionary music software to create one of the most unique products on the market. Mogees isn’t an instrument, so much as it is the maker of instruments; its vibration sensor allows you to place it on any object, and play it as a musical instrument.

Here is Mogees’ CEO and founder Bruno Zamborlin demoing Mogees at a TEDx event in Brussels:

The launch of Mogees is due mostly to two successful Kickstarter campaigns: one in 2014 and one in 2015. However, their enduring interest among electronic musicians is due to the sheer versatility of the product. Tired of using your coatrack to trigger samples? Why not try using a dinner plate? Or your kitchen table? The possibilities are literally endless with Mogees.

Mogees is also versatile on the digital side, allowing for use with popular production applications (Ableton Live, Logic, FL Studio, etc.), not just Mogees included (and expanding) sound library.

Look at what what percussionist Andrea Oboe was able to do with Mogees and a steel beam:

You can buy Mogees here. Even though they are based in London, they ship to anywhere in the world!

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