Alummmmni: Bonobeat

In the five years we have been open as a future musical academy, we’ve been able to train hundreds of people to use technology to create, mix, and make music. Some of our Alummmmni include Cakewalk and Ažurely, among many others. Currently, our online network boasts over 400 active members.

Today, we’re shining the light on Bonobeat.

Who are some of your musical inspirations and why?
Since I was a child I was fascinated by music. No wonder that I started my musical career playing an instrument. First I started playing the keyboard. At the time, I worked on my Technics KN1500 and recorded my first house tracks with the inbuilt recording engine. I remember that I actually recorded them on tape and played the tracks to my teacher at school.

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At the same time I also started playing the clarinet but dreamt of playing the sax. My parents were supportive but also strict. I was only allowed to start the sax when I master the clarinet. Eventually I joint a big band and orchestra. We were playing different songs from great artists, not only classic music. I especially enjoyed Bach, ABBA but also more jazzy music like the Blues Brothers.

Today of course this changed a lot. I admire especially EDM artists that have melodic, clean and alluring beats like Lane 8, Dennis Lloyd or Dante Klein. Of course, I admire Avicii and Robin Schulz.

What then made you want to learn Ableton? Are you also a programmer or work in computers?
Oh no, not at all. I mean these days everyone is working with computers but I am not programming. A few years ago I was chatting with a friend, I told him about my dream to have my own song on the radio. He is a producer using Ableton and showed me the program, some songs he had produced. That got my attention and I wanted to learn it, know more about it to fulfill my dream.

I got the software and build a small studio in my home. After a while I wanted to take it to another level and while I was in the US for half a year for work I discovered your school and red the good reviews. I wanted to talk to someone who can show me every details of the program.

That’s us! We can teach you every detail of Ableton. Drop us a line.

Learning Ableton can seem hard to people, considering it is so complex. What advice would you give to someone who might feel intimidated?
Don’t give up, it’s worth it. You really have to invest some time. Some times on weekends, I got up already with an idea in my head and a mug of coffee, went straight to my computer and didn’t leave the apartment for the rest of the day. In fact, I spent some entire weekends just producing.

The sound design on “Wipe out” is pretty wild! What inspired such a montage?
One of the reasons I moved to Portugal was my passion for the ocean, the waves and surfing. I enjoy surfing and sometimes it gets pretty wild, especially when a big wave catches you and you get washed. You know, we have the biggest waves in the world here on the shore at Nazaré in Portugal. Every year only the bravest surfers of the world come together to ride those monster waves up to 30 meter high. I am not one of them yet but I am always fascinated by the power of these waves. Although the ocean is wild and one get wiped out easily, it’s the love to the sport that brings you back on the board.

Your second song “Starlight” has a great drive. What was your motivation?
“Starlight” was inspired by some people that had a significant influence on my life that where there, listened, cared and provided guidance when it was needed most. I’m very grateful for these people in my life and wanted to say thank you.

In general, from your own experience, what advice would you give to someone looking to jump into the program?
Go for it!

If you love music and you share the same dream to listen to your own song in the radio one day, you should definitely try Ableton and this school.

Be open, patient, persistent and bring some time. You really have to let yourself into it.


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