We’re In Boston Common Magazine!


So I’m in the exurbs of Boston last weekend–at a jewelry store of all places–and talk turns to what I do for a living.

“And what do you do for a living, young man?” A charming older woman says to me.

“I work at a music technology and DJ school in Cambridge…” my voice trailing off, knowing she is likely not going to have any idea what I am talking about.

I was just reading about that!!!” She says, to my shock. “It was in my favorite magazine…” as she walks down the counter to pick one up.

Turns out her favorite magazine is the free Boston Common magazine, and the latest issue had just come out. And wouldn’t you know it, there we were, on page 54. The headline was So You Think You Can DJ?.


So what is their take on what we do inside the lab? It’s a pretty clever write-up actually.

Then take 90 seconds and listen to this:

And then email me and we’ll get started!