The Five Unsung Heroes of Ableton

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Over at Mmmmaven, we teach Ableton, a multifaceted digital audio workstation (DAW) that lends itself well to both live mixing and in-studio production (wherever your studio happens to be). Unsurprisingly, we aren’t the only ones who swear by Ableton. In fact, there’s a slew of different types of producers using the program to make some of our favorite music as of late. Read on to find out who’s repping Ableton these days.

Stephan Bodzin

The minimal techno artist with a penchant for synthesizers and plugins shares his German roots with Ableton, the only program he trusts to bring his ridiculously awesome custom live set-up to life. Despite Bodzin’s undeniable mastery of his art, he is quick to praise the program’s accessibility. “[Ableton Live] is a good chance for everyone to try their hand at production as the gear and software is becoming more affordable each year,” Bodzin once said in an interview with French publication Clubxtrem.



After 16 years in the electronic music business, Ableton has a strong global following that makes it one of the most popular DAW systems in the world. For Giraffage, a Bay Area producer, it was one of the first programs he adopted in his quest to create his infectious brand of dreamy, J-Pop infused beats and he hasn’t looked back since. “I transitioned […] into actual software such as Reason and Ableton Live probably around 18 or 19 and I’ve just been doing that ever since,” he remarked in a feature on The FADER. Bonus: Giraffage is going to be playing in Boston at a Mmmmaven-sponsored show this November, so you can check out his Ableton skills in real life.

Jamie Lidell

Distinguishable thanks in equal parts to his tightly layered productions and his soulful voice, this UK artist is the first to admit that he would be lost without Ableton there to help him build his intricate tracks.

With Live you can build a smoke stack of sound with the bricks and mortar that the Ableton folk have laid upon you. They throw in so many tools now: sonic screwdrivers, sharp-ass scalpels, swabs; enough to give any song the Frankensteinian make-over.

Shift K3Y

Just barely in his 20s, Shift K3Y has already been relying on Ableton for years to make his genre-spanning mixes. Blending songs of vastly different styles, ranging from house to grime, can be difficult, but Ableton makes it easier for the young UK producer.

“I was using Logic solidly for about 8 years and then switched over to Ableton. I haven’t turned back since,” he said in an interview with I Am Music.

Bugge Wesseltoft

This jazz pianist, composer, and producer isn’t even a DJ and he still swears by Ableton, proving that it is truly the all-star DAW program out there today. “[Ableton] Live does it all for me, even if I’m a non-programming, live-performing instrumentalist. Good-sounding effects and instruments, open structure, perfect learn functions. And I still feel we’re only at the beginning.” Perhaps Wesseltoft is the truest unsung Ableton hero of them all…

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