Remidi Introduces the T8 — An Instrument You Can Wear

T8 Midi Glove

2016 has already brought us some innovative MIDI instruments, such as the Zoom ARQ we saw debuted at NAMM, but Austin, TX-based startup Remidi aims to blow them all out of the water with a new wearable MIDI instrument, the T8. According to Gizmag, the T8 will consist of a wristband with two-buttons and a scrolling knob, used for selecting note-sets and samples, which will clip on to a glove fitted with sensors in the fingers, thumb, and palm.


The pressure-sensitive sensors can be programmed to trigger notes and samples on impact, and also support mid-air gestural controls to allow for expressive pitch bends and modulations. And for anyone who might have been worried…

Baldereschi also confirmed sweaty hands shouldn’t interfere with operation, saying that the smart textiles and sensors inside the glove should “act normally with the humidity caused from a 3 hours performances inside a club.”


The T8 will use a Bluetooth 4.0 connection to connect to any Bluetooth-enabled computer, smartphone, or tablet, and can be used with any application that accepts MIDI such as DAWs like Ableton Live, or with DJ software like Serato. It will also come with a download of an app by Remidi that will allow for more customization of the controls. The project is now in a crowdfunding phase, and is offering early supporters the T8 at a discounted price.


You can support the T8 on Kickstarter here, watch their crowdfunding teaser video below, and head on over to Gizmag for more info.


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