Ableton Live Meetup 8/21


Interested in boosting your knowledge of Ableton?  On Friday, August 21st, the Mmmmaven Project will be hosting their FREE monthly Ableton Live Meetup.  These meetups allow musicians of all levels to fine tune their producing and mixing skills in Ableton Live with the help of Mmmmaven instructors and special guests.

These meetups are also a great opportunity to network with other musicians and get involved in Boston’s music scene.

Production Classroom

This month’s topics are:

Sound Design w/ Hardware Synthesizers in Ableton Live taught by Mitchell Owens, Berklee graduate, sound designer and electronic composer/producer from Durham, North Carolina.

Synthesizer petting zoo

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Intro to Max for Ableton Live with Jeremy Stewart [FRI 8/1]

Max for Live can be used to create MIDI and audio plugins and instruments in Ableton Live and is a great way to customize your setup and sound. This workshop will serve as an introduction to Max/MSP and Max for Live. After taking a look at some basics of the Max program, we will create a few Max for Live plugins.

Max for Live

Max excels when it is used to create programs that have some level of randomness or autonomy. We will break apart MIDI data and construct a plugin that can modify or generate MIDI data using controlled randomness. This portion of the workshop will focus on the collection of random number generators found in Max, as well as use of the math objects.

The “MSP” portion of Max (Max Signal Processing) is used for manipulating and generating audio signals. During the second part of the class, we will look at a few of the many MSP objects available in Max and construct a plugin for Live. We will also look at how to automate M4L plugins using the Live-specific objects in Max.

Max for Live 2

Jeremy Stewart has used Max/MSP to create performances and installations involving sound, video, dance, and more. After completing study at Berklee, he spent three years at Bennington College, where he studied with New York-based artist Adam Rokhsar, had the opportunity to meet and work with David Zicarelli, and taught classes on Max/MSP and other subjects. His current work focuses on live motion tracking and interactive video projections and sound, as well as creating some awesome sounds in Max and Ableton. Check out a sample below!

Students should be familiar and comfortable with Ableton. This is an intro workshop, so no knowledge of Max/MSP is needed. Maybe you’ve used some Max for Live plugins, opened them up and seen their inner workings, or you’re just interested in making some new sounds. This workshop will help you decipher what’s going on and start building your own plugins.

Eventbrite - Intro to Max for Live

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