Soul Clap’s RA Exchange Podcast

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It goes without saying that Boston/Cambridge-bred musicians and producers Soul Clap have climbed to heights unforeseen, but it’s taken them this long to really open the door via the Resident Advisor “Exchange” podcast, which sits industry veterans down to chat about the business.

A lot is revealed here, including private jets with George Clinton, the unveiling of how they built their relationship with Wolf and Lamb, and how Minitech, an NYC-techno festival in 2006 that was a complete disaster … actually became a good thing.

Local shout-outs include Together Boston (of which Eli of Soul Clap was a founding committee member), local promoter Party Bison aka Randy Deshaies (of DOTCBoston fame), our own John Barera and (once they remember it, heh) none other than the Mayor of the City of Boston, Marty Walsh. Listen close:

Here’s that infamous clip of the time Eli met the Mayor:

Mmmmaven Recharge Lounge | Soul Clap Record Fair [5/16]

Every weekday during the Together Festival, you can head over to Mmmmaven studios to relax, listen to music, charge your devices, and participate in awesome workshops.


On Friday, May 16th, come dig through one of the area’s most extensive record collections. DevNull, Soul Clap, Caseroc are all renowned vinyl collectors. They will offer up pieces of musical history, covering genres like house, techno, drum & bass, breaks, hardcore, IDM, hip-hop, and much more. (They’re also playing at the festival!)


Don’t miss the chance for $1 bins and rare finds. RSVP here.

After you get those records, let us teach you how to make the most out of them.

MMMMAVEN @ Together 2013 Schedule [5/13 – 5/19]

During the week of the Together Festival (May 13th – 19th), MMMMAVEN will be hosting FREE workshops, demonstrations and seminars. Come check out our instructors, friends, and experts from AbletonIzotope, & Steinberg.

Haven’t had a chance to check out the studio? Stop by during one of the Open Housesto find out more about classes, play around with the equipment or just stop by and say hi!

Everyone who comes to the MMMMAVEN office during the fest will receive special discounts on classes!


12 – 5 MMMMAVEN Project Open House
5 – 6 Music Improvisation in Ableton Live –Danny Satori
6:30 – 7 Pioneer Rekord Box – Matt McNeill
7:30 – 8 Intro to – Owen Williams
8 – 9 Performing w/ Max – Ed Guild


12 – 5 MMMMAVEN Project Open House
5 – 6 Mashups, Remixes & Bootlegs – Peter O’Karma
6 – 9 Ableton Live 9 & Push Open House


12 – 1 Steinberg Demo: Creating the Perfect Beat – Sal Paleaz
1 – 2 Steinberg Demo: Vocal Tracks – Sal Paleaz
2 – 6 MMMMAVEN Project Open House
6 – 7 Steinberg Demo: Mastering with Wavelab – Sal Paleaz
7 – 8 Steinberg Demo: Using Cord Track for Composing Songs


12 – 4 MMMMAVEN Project Open House
4 – 5:30 Izotope Demo: Mastering Class – TJ Jordan
5:30 – 7 Izotope Demo: Stutter Edit Master Class – TJ Jordan
7:30 – 9 Wicked Easy Synthesis in C++ – Morgan & Nick


1 – 2 Ableton Workshop: Collaboration Possibilities in Live 9 – Soul Clap
2 – 3 Ableton Demo: Live 9 – Encanti
3 – 4 Ableton Demo: Push – Loudon Stearns
4 – 5 Ableton Demo: Max for Live & Audio Reactive Visuals – Synnack & 0xf8
5 – 6 Ableton Demo: Taming Basslines in Live 9 – Leon J
6 – 7 Ableton Seminar: Advanced Sound Design in Live 9 – Wiggz
7 – 9 Creative Coders Meet-up – Morgan & Nick


1 – 2 Traktor – Eric Levine
2 – 3 Internal Mode – Erik Pearson
4 – 5:30 Logic: Deconstruction of a Track and Workflow – Blake Harper & Kerry Leva
5:30 – 9 MMMMAVEN Project Open House

Check out the complete Together Schedule including panels & nighttime events.