Fun Fall Times with Bowery Boston and Mmmmaven


Starting this Saturday, Mmmmaven has partnered up with Bowery Boston to bring you a mighty fine series of events this fall. Here’s the rundown, with links to jump on if you’re a fan. It’s all forward-thinking, exciting live contemporary music. That’s just how we do.

See you there!

Simian Mobile Disco at the Sinclair [Saturday 9/20]


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Tycho with Christopher Willits at Royale [Monday 9/29]

Tycho Fall Tour Admat

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Tokimonsta at TT The Bears [Friday 10/3]

tokimonsta tour tt the bears 2014

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Hercules & Love Affair at the Sinclair [Sunday 10/5]

HALA Tour USA -final.indd

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SBTRKT at Royale [Wednesday 10/29]


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Digitalism at the Sinclair [Saturday 10/25]


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Ryan Hemsworth at the Sinclair [Tuesday 11/11]


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More where that came from! Stick with us to learn of upcoming events.

Most if not all of the above musicians use Ableton in some form or fashion. Want to learn it too? Email Sarah to start your career in music.

Home Work: Giorgio Moroder’s Must-Listen Interview

Suffice it to say, there would be very little digital music had a kid from a tiny town in Italy not met the amazing voice of Donna Summer. Together they created the synthesized disco music that would prove to take over dancefloors around the world. As he discusses in this BBC Music 6 series “The First Time With…” he met Donna while she was touring Europe with the cast of Hair and she would never be the same.


Disco music would become so popular it received a backlash within the business. So much so in fact, that 50,000 people would literally riot against disco in Chicago in 1979. But now, as the music known as “EDM” has become a masive global phenomenon, Giorgio has recently made a comeback, DJing at festivals around the world (as he mentions here).


Last year, Giorgio accepted the Album of the Year award alongside Daft Punk. Indeed it is safe to say that Daft Punk would not be here if it wasn’t for Giorgio (listen to him talk about it here).


So anyone with even a passing interest in the history of music (or, maybe more importantly, the future of music), should click through and listen to this interview with the crazy Italian producer Giorgio Moroder.

Also wait for it as the last song he selects could be any song he’s ever heard. You’re going to crack up when you hear what he settles on. We sure did. What a guy.

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Simian Mobile Disco at the Sinclair [FRI 9/20]

Simian Mobile Disco will be going on a short U.S. tour to support their newest ablum, buy Whorl, dosage toward the second half of September. The duo will be performing their new work at the Sinclair on Friday, September 20th. You can buy tickets here!

Simian Mobile Disco

Recorded in the desert of Joshua Tree National Park with just two modular synths, two sequencers, and a mixer, the technological constraints and alien location paved the way to a refreshing creative process. Since the album was recorded using “live” takes without the sequencing capabilities of computers, each performance will differ slightly from one another. You can preorder the album here! Check out this mini documentary on the production process behind Whorl.

Want to learn how to DJ or produce music electronically? Learn from the pros here at Mmmmaven!

Whorl, Simian Mobile Disco’s New LP and Live Project


Going out into the brutal California desert not the first idea that comes to mind when recording an album, but Simian Mobile Disco spent three days in the heat to record their latest project, Whorl. The UK duo’s new LP is slated for release on September 6th on the label Anti-.

Supposedly the duo went out to the desert with just a hardware rig, consisting of two modular synths, two sequencers, and a mixer to record their entire LP.

They will be recreating the production process used in crafting the album for their live setup. A tour is in the works, so keep your eyes peeled for a possible Boston date. The single, “Tangent” drops July 1st, you can preview the track in the video below, and also get a glimpse at their new live setup.

Get the full scoop on SMD in the desert at the OC Weekly Blog

The whole thing was a trip. Only a fearless electronic act act like Simian Mobile Disco would have the balls to record an album amidst the murky unknown that the whole event whipped up. The show’s surging, bass-riddled finale stuck with me as I drove back home through the darkness of the desert.

Simian Mobile Disco actually was a band called “Simian” before making the move into future music. Want to make the jump? Bounce over to our courses page and get in touch with Sarah today. Your time is now.