Alummmmni: DJ Slick Vick

One of our favorite success stories, DJ Slick Vick, keeps climbing the ranks!

Meet Trailblazer Victoria Fernandes via Boston Voyager

It was during college when I realized I wanted to pursue DJing. I loved how music united people and wanted to have the power to set the vibes.

On Her Story:

“I discovered the Mmmmaven Project, a Cambridge-based DJ, and music production school and enrolled in DJ courses. I’ve now been DJing publicly for the last 6 years and I’m enjoying every moment. DJing is not only a passion of mine, it’s my artistic expression and connection to the world.”

On Business:

There’s a continuous learning and growing process with the art of DJing, and I’m still blossoming. It’s always great to reflect back to the beginning, and see how far I’ve come.

On Advice:

Try and surround yourself with like-minded, and inspiring people, who share the same interests/passions as you. Go out and support the events that you believe in and introduce yourself to the people.

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SeratoCast – Mix 3


Serato, creators of the software we use in our DJ courses, hand picks mixes of their favorite artists for our enjoyment, called SeratoCast. Recently, they released a mix featuring Ikonika, a respected UK DJ known for her melodies and production skills.

The mix has reached #4 on the Mixcloud Bass chart and #22 on their Techno chart. Listen to it and you’ll quickly understand why:

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Mmmmaven upgrades to Serato DJ

serato scratch live

Serato has made massive improvements to their famous DJ software, and we have decided to hop on board and make the switch from Scratch Live to Serato DJ. So what does this mean?

First off, your Scratch library, as well as many other functions (Auto Loops, Loop Roll, Reverse, iTunes support, etc) are still available on Serato DJ. You can even still use the Serato Control Vinyls! Aesthetically, the features might have changed (everything looks so sleek!) but your favorites are still there for you.

Now for the new things:

More cue points (8 vs 5) – More cue points means more control over your set.

FX powered by Izotope – you’ll notice a huge upgrade in the quality of the FX. Izotope is a leading name in the industry. You can find their work in Halo 4, Rockband 3, Adobe Audition, Nine Inch Nails, Skrillex, and more. You can see how much control you’ll have from just one screen shot:

izotope effects serato

Slip Mode – want to go into free time? Slip Mode has you covered, it’ll help you come back in on the beat every time.

Sync – a highly controversial topic to DJs (seriously there’s even Facebook groups about this), so Serato gave you the option to have sync on or off to help you get tracks in time quickly. Regardless of where you stand on the debate, it’s a feature worth checking out!

In general, the UI got crisper and more compact, but filled with more toys and tools – all things you hope to see in an upgrade. To get a more in depth breakdown of the differences, check Serato’s comparison page.

Ready to try it out yourself? We’ll be using Serato DJ in our DJ courses!