Sonic Faction Releases a Free Probability Pack for Ableton

Like, whoa:

Probability Pack is a set of five innovative step sequencers and idea generators that add controlled randomization to any composition and performance process. Each sequencer has a unique way of introducing subtle or extreme randomization to patterns for unpredictable outcomes.

The pack includes Melodic Probability, Rhythmic Probability, and something called “Dr. Chaos”

Probability Pack is FREE for all Live 10 Suite users (or Live 10 Standard + Max for Live). Visit the Probability Pack page on to learn more about it and download it for free.

Learn more with a free appointment:

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Little Drummer Toy: Ableton’s Holiday-Themed Sequencer

Little Drummer Toy Ableton

Did you miss out on the holiday spirit? Well, Ableton sure has! Some “rogue elves” at Ableton created a free stocking-stuffer sized gift for anyone to use. Little Drummer Toy pairs you with someone else in the world, and the two of you edit using the 6 sequencers available to you. There is a sequencer for horns, drums, bells, etc.

The possible combinations are endless. The best part is, it is all done in your web browser.

**You may need to update to the latest version of your browser to use it.

To play with Little Drummer Toy, click here.

Ableton Little Drummer Toy

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Simian Mobile Disco at the Sinclair [FRI 9/20]

Simian Mobile Disco will be going on a short U.S. tour to support their newest ablum, buy Whorl, dosage toward the second half of September. The duo will be performing their new work at the Sinclair on Friday, September 20th. You can buy tickets here!

Simian Mobile Disco

Recorded in the desert of Joshua Tree National Park with just two modular synths, two sequencers, and a mixer, the technological constraints and alien location paved the way to a refreshing creative process. Since the album was recorded using “live” takes without the sequencing capabilities of computers, each performance will differ slightly from one another. You can preorder the album here! Check out this mini documentary on the production process behind Whorl.

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Korg’s New Synth DSN-12, Designed for the Nintendo 3DS

Korg has teamed up with App developer Detune to recreate the iconic MS-10 Synth, but for the Nintendo 3DS. The software synth will include 12 of the original synthesizer sounds, and users will be able to apply three effects to each. It includes a memory enabled sequencer to save up to 64 of your favorite patterns, and boasts the world’s first 3D oscilloscope screen.

The video illustrates the new software’s transition from classic hardware to innovative, modern technology in the palm of your hand. In addition to the built-in sequencer, the UI was designed to create songs on the fly with its “scene” feature.

The app is slated for release in September, so keep a look out for a Nintendo 3DS on stage next to your favorite producer.

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