In The MMMMix [4/6]

It’s happening again! New DJ class, new set of graduates, new awesome mixes to share!



You know the drill: Good Life Boston, 7p.m., drinks, great music, great time. These guys have put in at least 50 hours of hard work to bring you music they’re proud of, so on April 6th come hang out with us and enjoy the beats!

Set Times: 

7-730: Bence
730-8: Ariel
8-830: Juan
830-9: Mark
9-930: Brian
930-10: Joey
10-1030: Zack
1030-11: Dan

Prepare yourself for 4 hours of unique mixes and fantastic music. For all the details, check out the Facebook event. See you there!


P.s. music making isn’t just for adults! Enroll your kids in our Summer Beat Academy NOW and get 10% off!! Shoot Sarah an email with questions or more for information.


OST Symposium: Musically Experiencing Science

Starting Monday, November 17 through Friday, November 21, The Agenda for Children has been holding its Second Annual Out of School Time Community Symposium. The Agenda for Children joins together various companies, schools, and organizations to create ways to identify and address the needs of children in Cambridge.


The Agenda for Children created the Out-of-School Time Initiative as a way to give kids a way to spend their time after school.

Children who have nowhere to go after school are at a greater risk of poor school performance, potentially becoming involved in drugs and alcohol, or being a victim of crime. As importantly, they are missing out connecting with a caring adult and participating in some form of extended learning.

Thursday, Mmmmaven’s own Andrew Hlynksy will be giving a presentation at the OST Community Symposium on Musically Experiencing Science. Andrew will be discussing the ways electronic music can give students context for abstract mathematical concepts.  He will cover topics such as synthesizers, filters, and speakers, and will demonstrate vibrating a string using an S transducer and moving physical objects using MIDI and Ableton Live.

Check out an example of Andrew Hlynsky’s work using oscillations:

The OST Community Symposium will be at from November 17-21 at Cambridge College. You can still attend with tickets to the event here.

Plus, to hear more, stop by Mmmmaven on Friday nights for our free workshops, or contact Sarah to schedule a free DJ Lesson and tour of the studio!

Why Study Music?

It’s no secret that education cutbacks are being made because our current economic status, but what’s not well known is where the cuts are being made. All across the country, the arts in schools are disappearing, especially music. While music education may be viewed as extra and supplementary, DoSomething.Org has 11 facts to prove everyone wrong. For starters,

Research shows that music is to the brain as physical exercise is to the human body. Music tones the brain for auditory fitness and allows it to decipher between tone and pitch.


A study from Columbia University revealed that students who study arts are more cooperative with their teachers and peers, have higher levels self-confidence, and are more equipped to express themselves and their ideas.

Musical instruction has a positive impact on standardized test scores, vocabulary range, graduation rates, and memory development. While musical education might not teach students how to read or write, it gives them experience in abstract and technical thinking, which foments their conventional academic skills. The good news is that programs like VH1’s Save The Music are fighting to enact change and directly fund music education in the U.S public school system.

Even England is struggling to keep music education in its schools. Their Department of Education is suggesting that all schools cut funding for music education programs and instead rely on private funds and programs. The Guardian outlines how music education may soon be decimated unless action is taken to create equal access to music education for all socioeconomic classes.

Click through to read all 11 Facts About Music Education, and then consider a Mmmmaven course to amplify your brainpower!

Beat Academy Live! Youth DJ & Music Production Open House @ Together Center [5/18]


On Sunday May, 18th you can check out the Beat Academy Open House in Boston’s District Hall from 12-6. There will be interactive and hands-on workshops, as well as a music-tech gear petting zoo. A lot of fun for all ages!

[12:30PM] Let’s Write Lyrics w/ Marcie Joy

[1:30PM – 4:30PM] Music Tech Gear Petting Zoo

[430PM – 530PM] Hit the Decks with DJ Leah V

More info here.

Beat Academy, a Summer Camp powered by Mmmmaven welcomes all aspiring DJs between the ages of 10 – 14! Join us for our week-long, DJ boot camp during the third week of July during Summer 2014. Mmmmaven will host variety of different workshops and activities in our state-of-the art facilities in Central Square.

Over the course of the week, campers will learn the ins and outs of industry standard equipment, get their hands dirty in some new technology, and produce their first six-song mini-mix. They will learn to organize their favorite tracks and get in the mix with different styles, then see if they have what it takes to play in front of a crowd of screaming fans.