Mmmmaven Alumni Rubix DJs at FORM Arcosanti

Rubix the DJ
Right before our week long festival, Together, kicked off on Sunday May 15th, FORM Arcosanti was in full swing over in Central Arizona, complete with a Mmmmaven alumnus behind the decks. Yep, one of our former students, the fantastic DJ Rubix, got a chance to show off his stuff to festival attendees and performers at a pool party event Sunday afternoon, and even got a mention in the THUMP review of the festival.

Arcosanti landscape
As THUMP explains in their feature, the festival aims to change festival culture by creating a more intimate and fulfilling experience for attendees and artists alike. The idea was inspired by Hundred Waters’ experiences with touring the world playing at festivals, and is achieved in part by careful curation of both the talent and the attendees.

Hundred Waters’ focus on careful curation even extends to the festival’s audience. Attendance at the festival is free, but would-be festival-goers have to fill out an application for admission

For the attendees, that means they must fill out an application and be accepted, in order to tailor crowds to people of the right mindset. While it may sound restrictive, this is the first year that this policy has resulted in any major culling of applicants, and on top of that those selected get completely free admission. A small number of “patron” status tickets were sold, with an array of VIP perks for those willing to shell out the cash.

On the talent side, the festival boasts a pretty diverse lineup of artists. As THUMP reports:

Drawing on the band’s network of musician and label-owner friends, the festival’s lineup, while diverse, seemed to nonetheless prioritize artists who fit a specific tone, favoring combined electronic and acoustic elements, strong melodies, and moderate experimentation.

While DJ Rubix wasn’t featured on the main lineup, he got a chance to perform at one of several surprise events and art installations. He also got an up close and personal look at some of the performances, getting to dap up headliner Skrillex a couple times during his Friday night set.

A great opportunity for a young DJ to show off his stuff and get noticed! You can find DJ Rubix on Facebook, Soundcloud, and Twitter, make sure to show some love for a young Boston artist!

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