Alummmmni: Xandor

What is an example of what you were able to learn from Jason and our lab? How did it apply to “Craving for Your Love”?
First I want to say that Jason is an excellent teacher! Back when I was attending your program, he was one of the substitute teachers, and I am very lucky that he was able to teach our class a few times. I’ve learned a lot from him since then.

At the time I had no idea how to use Ableton or what I was doing. In the beginning, it was all trial and error, and I had to be patient because it was not easy to put my ideas into actual music.

I think an example of what I’ve learned at your lab and the most important was “song arrangement” also understanding everything that Ableton offers you was essential. Eventually, I was able to put my ideas into music and applied all this knowledge into my debut single “Craving for Your Love.”

Who is the singer? Any advice on how to find good vocals?

The singer is Catherine Joy Parke and she actually worked with my brother’s band in one of his songs. I had the original idea which was “Crave for Love,” and at the time I was going through a breakup and I wanted to put together a song that spoke to my feelings. It was a challenge at first because it’s an entirely different genre and different key. I had to work around it. At the end of the production I was amazed by the outcome it was pretty good!

I guess my advice to any producer is if you find a good vocal that works with your initial idea then go ahead and try it out you never know what the outcome will be. I’m currently working on my EP, and I’m in the process of collaborating with a fantastic singer which I’m very excited about!

Also if you want to hear my brother’s song you can find it here you can listen to how different it is:

Working on this song taught me that there is no limit to your creativity because music has no boundaries:

Was there a moment that made you want to throw yourself into production?

I grew up in a household full of musicians, my dad a saxophone player, my mom loved singing, and I have two older brothers, and they both studied music, one plays the guitar and the other the drums.

Me on the other hand, growing up I really liked electronic music and always wanted to know how to make it, but I really didn’t know how and never really did it. I remember going to a Jauz show here in Boston. He was playing at Ascend Nightclub at the time.

I will never forget the feeling when I first heard him I was stunned at every song he played it was very different to what I’ve listened to at the time and I loved it. I remember thinking to myself: “Wow I want to make music like this.” After the show I went home and Googled “how to make electronic music,” and the rest is history.

Any advice on someone looking to work with our courses?
Best advice is to be patient and be willing to learn as much as you can, it takes time to get to the point where you finish a song, and it sounds just like you wanted too, it’s a process and trust me it won’t happen overnight.

Mmmmaven will give you the tools, but it all boils down to how much work and passion you put into this.

Set up your free tour here:

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Tycho Tonight at Royale

Dive_Cover_1400_Mock_540_540Working together with Bowery Boston, we present you with Tycho tonight at Royale. As Tycho, Scott Hansen blends swirling melodies into vaguely triumphant arcs that crisscross between stuttering beats and vocal samples, creating rolling sonic landscapes that extend into the horizon.

Known in the design world as ISO50, the San Francisco-based artist is famed for his warm, textured design style, which serves as a backdrop and mirror for his musical output.

Embedded here is his most recent album titled ‘Awake’. Let it wash over you with thoughts of days gone by and long car rides. To me this is a great album for the fall (even though it was released in March of this year).

If you want more of a taste of what to expect live then take a look at this video recorded at the KEXP studios in Seattle on August 1st of this year.

Tycho is a master of melodies and smooth pensive sounds. What’s even better is that these sounds are accompanied by very danceable beats, so come to Royale tonight and get lost in dance and memories with Tycho. Doors are at 8PM and tickets are $25.

Be sure to visit the Facebook event page for more information!

Tycho uses Ableton live to make his pristine sounds. Want to learn it too? Email Sarah today!

Fun Fall Times with Bowery Boston and Mmmmaven


Starting this Saturday, Mmmmaven has partnered up with Bowery Boston to bring you a mighty fine series of events this fall. Here’s the rundown, with links to jump on if you’re a fan. It’s all forward-thinking, exciting live contemporary music. That’s just how we do.

See you there!

Simian Mobile Disco at the Sinclair [Saturday 9/20]


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Tycho with Christopher Willits at Royale [Monday 9/29]

Tycho Fall Tour Admat

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Tokimonsta at TT The Bears [Friday 10/3]

tokimonsta tour tt the bears 2014

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Hercules & Love Affair at the Sinclair [Sunday 10/5]

HALA Tour USA -final.indd

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SBTRKT at Royale [Wednesday 10/29]


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Digitalism at the Sinclair [Saturday 10/25]


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Ryan Hemsworth at the Sinclair [Tuesday 11/11]


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More where that came from! Stick with us to learn of upcoming events.

Most if not all of the above musicians use Ableton in some form or fashion. Want to learn it too? Email Sarah to start your career in music.