Resident Advisor: Scuba Interview


Paul Rose has been a major force in the UK electronic scene for quite some time now, performing and recording under a number of different projects. We’re personally drawn to his work under the Scuba alias, so much so that we booked him for Together Boston this May. Rose recently sat down with Resident Advisor for an interview about his upcoming plans for 2015, something we also enjoyed.

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What does the rest of 2015 hold in store?

I’ve had to make a few lifestyle changes in order to get back to a full touring schedule but I’m kind of OK with that now. I really enjoy being on the road but if you’re partying constantly it takes a lot out of you and I’ve learned the hard way that getting through it with everything intact requires a bit of forward planning. Other than touring, we’re really busy with Hotflush and the schedule is looking really exciting for the rest of the year, plus we have one or two new projects that have been in the works for a while that well be rolling out gradually.

You can read the whole interview over at Resident Advisor.

Want to see Scuba and the rest of the Together line-up this May? Limited early-bird passes are on sale now for just $99.


YVNG PAUL Added to Jacques Greene Live


Jacques Greene live is something to celebrate. Long known for his tremendous DJ sets–spanning everything from hip-hop to techno to R&B–the Canadian has brought out the gear to create a live set. Peep what it looks like via Resident Advisor here:

On a mild evening this past April, at St John’s church in Hackney, London, we saw Jacques Greene take his career to a next level. The show was double billing with the Young Turks artist Koreless, and it was the first time Greene had performed his new live show. At this point Greene had been bubbling along nicely for the past few years, releasing emotionally charged bass and house music on labels like LuckyMe, UNO and 3024, but it wasn’t a given that he could pull off a sold-out headline performance for 1000 people. On the night, it took all of one track to disprove this notion.

But now to sweeten the deal, Bowery Boston has added another talent to the bill.

Yvng Paul, part of the CLLCTVBOSTON, helps throw the Wave party, which we happened to write up just last week. One of our MVN graduates, Im_ThatSomebody makes a regular appearance there. Paul’s sets are bound to make you move. Check his recorded DJ set from April:

At just $16 and 18+, Wednesday looks to be a night where we’re hoping more than a few people fall in love. You can get tickets here, and you might as well buy two.

Resident Advisor Introduces Its Own Ticket Resale Service

Don’t you hate it when you finally get tickets to that one show you’ve been dying to see for years and you spend tons of money only to find out after buying tickets that you can’t go? Your friends already have tickets so they don’t need yours and you can’t afford to just eat the cost. Well Resident Advisor has a solution.

Resident Advisor Ticket Resale Service

RA just rolled out its new ticket resale service, which allows people to get their money back for a sold-out show if they can no longer attend. Unwanted tickets to sold-out events are placed in a resale pot, where they’re resold at the final tier price. The original owner gets a full refund and the promoter gets any additional revenue. It’s a win win.

The service aims to eradicate the circulation of fraudulent tickets and prevent scalpers profiting from in-demand shows, with tickets sold at cost price.

Thankfully, RA got sick of other ticket resale businesses making obscene profits at the expense of customers through tactics such as “convenience fees” for printing tickets at home. (Paying extra to use things you already own. Convenient!) Take THAT, Ticketmaster. Read more about this innovative new service right here.

Looking to maybe get involved in this creative economy? Take a look at the courses we offer! Contact us for more information, a tour of the studios, and a free DJ lesson!

Soul Clap’s RA Exchange Podcast

Screenshot 2014-07-31 at 2.08.35 PM

It goes without saying that Boston/Cambridge-bred musicians and producers Soul Clap have climbed to heights unforeseen, but it’s taken them this long to really open the door via the Resident Advisor “Exchange” podcast, which sits industry veterans down to chat about the business.

A lot is revealed here, including private jets with George Clinton, the unveiling of how they built their relationship with Wolf and Lamb, and how Minitech, an NYC-techno festival in 2006 that was a complete disaster … actually became a good thing.

Local shout-outs include Together Boston (of which Eli of Soul Clap was a founding committee member), local promoter Party Bison aka Randy Deshaies (of DOTCBoston fame), our own John Barera and (once they remember it, heh) none other than the Mayor of the City of Boston, Marty Walsh. Listen close:

Here’s that infamous clip of the time Eli met the Mayor: