Re-Inventing the Remix #FREE Workshop [5/9]


Remixes are a big way today’s DJs get their name out and make money. You can find dozens if not a hundred remixes to any popular tune. The sheer quantity of remixes out there causes most of them to fall way under the radar. We’re excited to bring in Perileyes to teach you how to make your remix stand out!

Perileyes has a lot of remixing experience under his belt. Come watch him demonstrate what makes a good remix and how to make one. He will work with Ableton Live, showing you the different materials that go into a remix and what to do with them. Check out Perileyes’ work:

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Our workshops are full of useful information for DJs and producers. If you can’t make it or don’t think you’re ready yet, why don’t you check out our courses instead?

Durkin’s BOY/FRIEND Remix

durkin dj

Durkin is known for his awesome remixes. Recently he remixed BOY/FRIEND‘s song Never Not Looking, which BOY/FRIEND has reposted to their Soundcloud. It was also recently mentioned in an article on The Fader, alongside a few other remixes of this song, which are all available for download. BOY/FRIEND’s fans are loving it and it has received a lot of attention since it was posted 6 days ago. This is some good publicity for the DJ, who will be opening for Cashmere Cat at Together 5 this year. If you think you’re ready for this:

Remixes are fun, and we can help you learn how to make them!

Daniel Avery gets remixed by Matthew Dear

daniel avery
Photo by Steve Gullick

Matthew Dear’s “club oriented alias” Audion has released a remix of U.K. producer Daniel Avery’s “Need Electric.” From our main man Philip Sherburne:

The new remix finds the two musicians in full-on mind-meld mode. Whereas Audion’s “Sky” already sounded like a tribute to Avery’s raving-at-the-edge-of-the-world sense of drama, the original of “Need Electric” delved deep into the creepy, tweaked-out minimalism that has always been Audion’s M.O. So it stands to reason that Audion’s remix would only be, well, creepier and tweakier, full of pitched-down voices and the kind of slow-motion squeal and buzz-bomb howl that has been Audion’s trademark since 2006’s “Mouth to Mouth.” It’s ominous and gargantuan and somehow strangely quiet all at once, moving across the dance floor like the eye of the storm.

Read more and give both the original track and the remix a listen over at Spin, and keep your fingers corssed for a Daniel Avery Boston performance soon.

Want to learn to crush a club like Dan and Matt? We’re located in the heart of Cambridge, just steps from the MBTA Red Line.

Download Bonobo’s Les Lebas Remix: FREE


Bonobo has remixed a classic Henri Texier song, Les Lebas and is offering it up for a free download on his Soundcloud!

This remix of Henri Texier timeless summery tune, “Les La-Bas” is just as you’d expect from one of today’s biggest names electronic music, retaining the original vibe perfectly while putting his Bonobo stamp on it with ease.

Chandler Shortlidge,

Mmmmaven sponsored a Bonobo DJ set at the Paradise back in 2012. He has come far in the two years since, including releasing his album The North Borders, which charted at #29 on the UK Album Charts.

Get prepared to groove hard and chill hard simultaneously:

Be like Bonobo!