J Dilla’s MPC and Moog to be added to the Smithsonian

The legendary J Dilla will be going down in the history books, or at least the museums, as his MPC drum machine and Moog Synthesizer will be added to the Smithsonian Museum of African-American History. The museum is slated to open in 2016 and will feature the influential hip-hop producer from Detroit. Up to his death in 2006, his unrivaled sound and production style helped shape the sound of hip hop and inspired generations of producers.

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The Hip Hop Transformation Comes to MMMMaven


The Hip Hop Transformation is a program for teens ages 14-18 offered by the Cambridge Community Center. The program teaches teenagers everything from the history of hip hop in our society to the art of songwriting and performing. By the end of the program, the students will have recorded a song that is released on a THHT mixtape, and also distributed throughout Cambridge. Not only this, but they also gain real life experience of performing live in front of their peers and a crowd.

A THHT Performance
A THHT Performance

Next week The Hip Hop Transformation comes to MMMMaven in order to learn the other side of hip hop, the beat making. The teenagers from the program will visit the production labs at MMMMaven in order to learn how to create beats from Ableton instructor Nick Garcia.

Be sure to check out The Hip Hop Transformation Mixtape: Volume 1.

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On The D/L 03

Music downloadWelcome back all; it’s been another slow, hot summer week, but Soundcloud has been filled with new tunes all week long. I’ve rounded up a few of the best free tracks to help you get through the long summer days, and I’ll start with a new compilation that will give you plenty of new material to put on repeat: Moving Castle Vol. 02. Their first compilation was impressive, but the replay quality of this comp is astounding. You can listen straight through without blinking, and then want to hear it all again. My personal favorites are the tunes by Strehlow and Dugong Jr, but it’s hard to go wrong with Moving Castle.

This next song takes the nostalgic vibes of Lupe’s original “Kick Push” and amplifies them to the max. Hisanova gives it a glimmering funk rework to create a summer sidewalk sitting, boombox blasting feel.

Rusko’s back, and he’s apparently making neon now. Nevertheless, the song is quality and a refreshing sound for the legendary English producer.

Chloe Martini never disappoints on a remix, and she isn’t shy to step a bit outside the box on her remix of Sia’s “Chandeliers.” Packed with jazzy chords and cut time hits, the roller coaster of a song is not one to sleep on.

I saved this track for last because you’re gonna wanna replay it a couple times before doing anything else today. Also on Moving Castle, AOBeats teams up with Jaiwolf for an epic future bass remix of “Best Friend” by Foster the People. Although Wave Racer already murdered the track with his own remix, the duo are able to add to the feel of the song rather than change it completely.

Black El X Durkin X Victor Radz – Olde English 800

durkin dj

Our man Durkin strikes again, lending his production skills to local Dorchester rapper Black El for the track “Olde English 800.” Black El begins with some auto-tuned R&B vocals before beginning his witty yet technical verses, stylisticly reminiscent of Childish Gambino. Durkin and Victor Radz assure that the beat is constantly evolving and changing in dynamics to keep the chilled out, summer vibes flowing.

The track has already seen some blog love from Pigeons and Planes.

Catch Durkin at these upcoming gigs:
Saturday 7/5 – $$$ TRIPLE-PLATINUM $$$
Friday 7/25 – #centralAIR at ZuZu

The track is up for free download, so make sure to follow Durkin, Victor Radz and Black El to keep up.

Durkin’s real fun on Instagram:

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