Resident Advisor Goes in Depth with DVS1

There are two sides to Zak Khutoretsky aka DVS1. On one hand he’s a kind and generous individual, who’s known for his smiles and hugs. On the other hand, he’s a legendary hustler, who’s lied, forged documents, and even sold drugs to keep up his one true passion: throwing insane raves. His parties in throughout the 90’s are legendary in the Minneapolis rave scene, and it’s safe to say he’s paved the way for thousands of parties all over the world, including our own weekly party at Middlesex Lounge on Thursdays, Make It New.


Today, Khutoretsky is legit, but that hasn’t stopped him from throwing the parties he’s so well known for. He is a resident at Berghain nightclub in Berlin, and is booked all over the world for DJ performances.

As part of their film series with Sonos, Resident Advisor went in depth with Khutoretsky, learning about his past, the struggles he went through, and the qualities he has that have taken him to where he is today.

The full film is linked below

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