On The D/L 03

Music downloadWelcome back all; it’s been another slow, hot summer week, but Soundcloud has been filled with new tunes all week long. I’ve rounded up a few of the best free tracks to help you get through the long summer days, and I’ll start with a new compilation that will give you plenty of new material to put on repeat: Moving Castle Vol. 02. Their first compilation was impressive, but the replay quality of this comp is astounding. You can listen straight through without blinking, and then want to hear it all again. My personal favorites are the tunes by Strehlow and Dugong Jr, but it’s hard to go wrong with Moving Castle.

This next song takes the nostalgic vibes of Lupe’s original “Kick Push” and amplifies them to the max. Hisanova gives it a glimmering funk rework to create a summer sidewalk sitting, boombox blasting feel.

Rusko’s back, and he’s apparently making neon now. Nevertheless, the song is quality and a refreshing sound for the legendary English producer.

Chloe Martini never disappoints on a remix, and she isn’t shy to step a bit outside the box on her remix of Sia’s “Chandeliers.” Packed with jazzy chords and cut time hits, the roller coaster of a song is not one to sleep on.

I saved this track for last because you’re gonna wanna replay it a couple times before doing anything else today. Also on Moving Castle, AOBeats teams up with Jaiwolf for an epic future bass remix of “Best Friend” by Foster the People. Although Wave Racer already murdered the track with his own remix, the duo are able to add to the feel of the song rather than change it completely.

On the D/L 01

Omar S

Now that it’s really starting to feel like summer up here in Massachusetts, we’ve rounded up some icy new tunes to counteract the summer sun.

As always, Exmag manages to inject their own blend of future funk into Griz‘s already funky new tune entitled “Fall in Love Too Fast.” The vintage vocals are reminiscent of a tiny late night jazz club, but Exmag’s swirling synths give the track a great counterpoint.

I first discovered Jesse Slayter when I stumbled across his system shaking remix of “Harlem Shake,” and he continued to pump out subwoofer breaking twerk ever since. recently he’s been experimenting with jersey club, but what caught my ear were the groovy house songs on his 10K bootleg pack. It’s quite a different style than I’ve ever heard from him, but his sound and touch still ring through.

You may know eSenTRIK from his duo project TWRK, but this solo remix is for turning down, not up. It has only been thrown in huge mixes and streamed from his Soundcloud, but after his fan’s relentless begging, he put out a free download. This is some sensual, soulful jersey club, enjoy!

Samuel Truth has always had a cohesive sound throughout his tunes without ever pigeonholing himself into a specific genre or formula, and Dragons is the perfect example. He combines the beautiful vocals of Little Dragon with a super heavy, dubsteppy drop that somehow makes perfect sense. See for yourself and grab a download if you agree.

Last, but certainly not least is a huge new tune from Jersey’s own Brick Bandit, Nadus. Nxwxrk is stuffed with enough energy to make anyone want to jump up and down while flailing their arms as soon as the drop hits. All the proceeds from the Broke City EP go towards the Newark Boys Chorus School, so show Nadus and his city some support and buy this incredible EP.

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