3 Reasons Not to Miss Lost in Boston’s Mmmmaven Showcase

mmmmaven showcase

Tonight, Lost in Sound is presenting a killer showcase of Mmmmaven artists at Allston’s Wonder Bar. We advise you not to miss it, and here’s why:

1. Another Durkin remix is getting buzz

Last week, Durkin released a remix of BOY/FRIEND’s “Never Not Looking” that’s gotten attention from The Fader and others. He’ll also be opening next month’s show with Cashmere Cat, Jerome LOL and DJ Oneman as a part of Together 5, keeping his 2014 hot streak going.

2. Zola is a pro among pros

Charles Mazzola is a producer for #MakeItNew, a resident DJ at Phoenix Landing’s Re:Set parties, and he’s got a versatile repertoire from techno to disco. Did we mention he’s also a Mmmmaven DJ school instructor and has shared stages with everyone from Soul Clap to James Murphy? His resume speaks for itself.

3. Nick Garcia’s playing the Ableton Push

Nick Garcia of HNDMD Records has his hands on Ableton’s cutting-edge hardware: the Push. The highly in-demand controller is a rare sight in the wild, and Garcia is sure to show off everything it can do.

If all that isn’t convincing enough, the cover for tonight is a mere $5. Read up on the details at Facebook and get down to Wonder Bar at 9pm tonight.

Want to become the next artist featured in a Mmmmaven showcase? Get started with a class today.

Nick Garcia at TedxBeaconStreet [3/29]

tedxbeaconstOn March 29th, TedxBeaconStreet will be hosting a smaller version of their November conference. They will meet in a recording studio at Brookline Interactive Group, and many people will come to share, speak, and discuss.

Nick Garcia, one of our Ableton fellows here at Mmmmaven, will present at the conference.

I believe that music and technology are synonymous, two parts of the same whole: creativity. Many see [Ableton Live] as merely a tool, something one might use as an addition to an instrumental performance. Others immediately equate the concept of a laptop performer with the concept of a DJ. However I see no difference between the kind of improvisational techniques that the world of laptop performance opens up for me and the ones I employ when I am performing with jazz musicians…

His presentation will also feature a performance with an Ableton Push.

TedxBeaconStreet is one of the most innovative Tedx events around the world. The big conference isn’t until November, but their meet up on the 29th is definitely worth attending! For more info on the event and all the amazing people that will present, you can go to their website.

Listen to Nick Garcia’s you & me:

HNDMD releases new remix collection


HNDMD, the local label for which Mmmmaven’s part-time Ableton instructor Nick Garcia serves as Marketing Director, has a new remix collection out this week via Bandcamp. The 55 minute release features 14 versions of Boston producer Twistyknobs‘ “Abject,” remixed by Garcia and many others.

If you’d like to learn a bit about remixing yourself, one of Mmmmaven’s many course offerings might pique your interest.

Mmmmaven Mixdown Workshop

Join Mmmmaven and Berklee-trained instructor Nick Garcia on Saturday, troche December 7th from 11:00AM-5:00PM as we delve into the world of mixing electronic music.  This workshop, designed for the beginner to intermediate level producer, will teach you tips and skills that are applied in any pro-level mix to help you get your tracks ready for mastering.  Through one day and five cores of intensive mix work, you’ll learn everything you need to create a high quality, professional sounding mix. Tickets to the event can be purchased here. There are a very limited number of seats so get yours before we sell out! Prices are $50 for Mmmmaven students/alumni and $75 for non students.

mmmmaven Studio

This course will be taught using Ableton Live, so it is recommended that participants have a familiarity with the program, but they are encouraged to work in whatever software they prefer.  The concepts being explained are not software-specific, but participants will gain the most from this workshop if they can easily understand the topics being explained and demonstrated in Ableton.

We’ll focus on five cores of instruction that are each essential to creating a great mix.  First we’ll focus on monitor setup and how to treat your home studio for efficient monitoring.  The space in which you mix is just as important as the speakers you’re mixing on!


Next we’ll talk about balancing frequencies, getting your individual track levels right, and how to effectively pan tracks for optimal mix placement.  This core will be followed by the essentials of digital signal processing (or DSP); gating, compression, equalization, and limiting.  We’ll look at each of these signal processors and how to get the most out of whatever software plug-ins you’re working with.

Our fourth core will focus on the stereo image and how to effectively enhance each part of the stereo field to create a lush, wide mix.  We’ll discuss multi-band stereo imaging as well as advanced topics like using delay lines to create extreme width of a signal.


Finally, we’ll talk about audio routing, bussing, groups, and sends.  We’ll look at how a digital mixer works and how to effectively route audio to create an organized, well-structured session.

Attendees are encouraged to bring their laptops and follow along! Core 1 lasts for 30 minutes and cores 2-5 last for 45 minutes each for a grand total of 4.5 hours of mixing knowledge! The class takes place on Saturday, December 7th from 11:00AM-5:00PM and tickets can be purchased here.

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