Best of NAMM 2016

Best of NAMM
Every January the music tech world descends on Anaheim, California to show off its new gear at the annual NAMM show, and while the past few years have seen companies like Korg release compact synths, and Roland and Yamaha revive classic hardware in new forms, the overriding trend at this year’s event was modular synths – and lots of them.

Formerly a niche concern, Eurorack format modular gear has been growing in popularity with affordable, entry level systems like the AIRA System-1m being released over the past year.

As well as all the Modular offerings, there were plenty of other unexpected announcements: Korg’s Minilogue, Arturia’s MatrixBrute and Teenage Engineering’s intriguing audio and video synth, the OP-Z to name a few.

Probably the most talked about announcement at NAMM was the MatrixBrute from Arturia. The MatrixBrute is an all new 100% analog synthesizer, featuring a 49-key keyboard, 3 “brute” oscillators, Steiner-Parker and ladder filters, 3 envelope generators, and an outlandish modulation matrix that aims to make patch-cable systems obsolete. The matrix features 256 buttons, and allows you to route any of 16 modulation sources to any of 18 modulation destinations, as well as functioning as a sequencer and preset selector. You can watch Arturia’s new promo video below.

Another new release that looks as though it will have big implications in the future is the new wireless MIDI adapter from Yamaha. The release date is still TBA, however it should retail for $50, making it an affordable way to clear up clutter from wires in the studio.

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Korg Unveils New FM Synth at NAMM 2016

Over the weekend at NAMM 2016, Korg previewed an unreleased FM synthesizer, which will eventually become part of their Volca line of cheap and portable hardware.

The Volca FM is a 6-operator FM synth that can read and play DX-7 patches. It also offers an enhanced version of the Volca sequencer.

The new synth will feature six operators, three voices, a revamped Volca sequencer, memory for 32 patches and 16 sequences, a built-in chorus, as well as compatibility with Yamaha DX-7 patches.

Though we have no word on an official release date, the folks over at Synthtopia have a preview of its sound:

We’re expecting that the Volca FM will retail for around the same as others in the Volca line, and should be released in the next few months.

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NAMM 2016 Rumors & Speculation

Mmmmaven NAMM 2016 rumorsWith little over a week to go before NAMM 2016, Dan White over at DJ Tech Tools has all the rumors about what new gear we can expect to be revealed at the world-renowned convention, including offerings from Pioneer DJ, Denon DJ, Richie Hawtin, and more.

DJs are speculating that we will see new hardware from Pioneer, as many feel as though their classic mixers and media players such as the DJM-900 NXS and CDJ-2000 NXS are starting to become a little outdated. In addition to rumors a while back about a new DJM mixer, DJ Tech Tools is predicting Pioneer will release a new media player, which they think will be called the “XDJ-2000”.

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In addition to the possibility of new gear from Pioneer, Denon DJ, longtime competitor to Pioneer, has released a teaser video that is nothing short of cryptic.

Weird, but since Denon was bought by the InMusic group a while back, many have been yearning to see where the new ownership will take the brand.

Hercules DJ also appears poised to get in on the action, releasing a teaser video for what could be a new Jogwheel-Free DJ controller.

We also have the possibility of a new DJ product from Richie Hawtin, who hinted at an early 2016 product release in a recent, somewhat mysterious Instagram post.

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For more on release rumors and speculations, head on over to DJ Tech Tools.

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