Make It New Residents Night [11/10]


You want free? We got free. Every so often we keep a night open for our local residents (Baltimoroder and Coralcola) to flap their wings and fly. Sometimes playing requests, viagra Ministry? Depeche Mode? … who knows what all.

As an audience, view you deserve it. Coming week after week, this is an opportunity to let your freak flag fly, invite the homies that might not usually come through, and, of course, have a great time.

After letting some astonishing guests control the booth all night, our resident DJs Coralcola and Baltimoroder are back at it. Flexing what they got, Mikey and Erik can drop a wide array from their immense collection of crates.

They know exactly what you want, and they are going to give it to you.

Free before 11pm. See you there.

Make It New Residents Night Thursday November 10th
Middlesex Lounge
315 Massachusetts Ave.
Central Square Cultural District
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Free before 11pm

Want to know more about the DJ Program at MMMMAVEN? Drop us a line below and get a free introductory DJ lesson.

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How to Create Smart Crates in Serato

This tutorial will guide you through the process of creating crates and smart crates in Serato DJ

Being prepared for a gig is crucial to being a successful DJ. Having the proper equipment, the right software (Serato DJ in our case), and a colorful song list will make you look nice and professional, and set the right tone for your night. People will know you mean business and came to set the party off. Something most beginning DJs overlook is creating a crate before a gig. A crate is a digital box to organize your music in Serato, essentially like Serato playlists. Using a crate allows you to plan ahead to cater to the type of party you are DJing. The point of having a crate is so you do not end up frantically foraging through your massive music library trying to find similar songs that fit your party’s tone during the party. That just looks bad and people can inevitably tell when you end up rushing transitions. Planning ahead goes a long way!


So, how do you set up a crate in Serato? Very easily!

Normal Crates

1. Click the ‘Add Crate’ button.


2. Right click the crate to rename it.

Give it a good name that encompasses the type of music you want in the crate. It can be as convoluted as “HIP-HOP, BPM 100-130, KEYS 1-5,” or as simple as “HIP-HOP”

3. Click the ‘File’ button to add music

To go through your music library in Serato, click the File button located on the top right of the song section. Now search for the songs you want in the crate, and click and drag.

4. Locate your music

Usually found along this path:

5. Add music to crate

Now, click and drag songs to update your crates! Look at this example to see how to efficiently organize your crates:

Smart Crates

To take your crate game to the next level, try using Smart Crates. Smart Crates are created with a set of rules that automatically updates and curates the crate so you don’t have to keep adding new songs as you get them.

1. Click the ‘Add Smart Crate’ button next to the ‘Add Crate’ button.


2. Click the ‘Add Rule’ button to add rules.

Rules are what separate smart crates from crates. With rules, Serato will automatically know what songs to add to the smart crate and do it for you.

You will find that there are all types of rules you can set, from “song added before 12/31/2012,” to “bpm equal to 128,” to “artist contains Major Lazer,” etc. Pay attention to the ‘Match All of the Following Rules’ checkbox; check it if you want songs that follow all the rules for the crate, leave it unchecked if you want all the songs that follow all the rules.

3. Finish Smart Crate

Once you finish making all your rules, hit ‘OK’ and watch Serato do its magic! Look over your new smart crate and make sure your rules encompasses all the songs you want to include. Additionally, you can manually add songs to your smart crate if they do not follow the crate’s rules.

Now that you created your crates and smart crates in Serato, it is time to put them to the test and be one step ahead of the game for the next gig you play!

If you want to learn more about live DJing with Serato, hit us up for more information on our DJ classes.

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Come Get Spooky with ImagineNeon: Halloween Freaks

Come out and get spooky with ImagineNeon Oct 29th! Celebrating Halloween a few days early since it falls on a Monday.

ImagineNeon is proud to announce their first event: Halloween Freaks.


We celebrate early this year, on the 29th come participate in this sideshow of an All Hallow’s Eve party while the moon is still waning. You are invited to come participate, co-creating our very own over the top awesome spectacle of sight and sound.

We will be hosting a brief costume contest during the event with First, Second, and Third place prizes. Dress in your best Halloween Idea.

*Note, because we are ImagineNeon, to be considered for entry into the contest by judges, some part of your outfit must emit light. The event will be a great time, and better if you dress up!


– Two Rooms of Sound Featuring –

:: 1 ::
Jeff Mission
Gary Carlow

:: 2 ::
Kibbles & Beats


– Art Install –
soyoon cha aka Soyomyoyo


Soyomyoyo‘s work focuses on the Shadow. all the parts of our selves that we suppress she embraces and shows the beauty of the broken and the damaged. a bright light casts a deep shadow, and to be whole we must look into the darkness.

DJs, A stage for Poi**, A catwalk, Two Dance Floors, Costume Contest, Libations!

$5 early, $10 late, Creative and Illuminated attire welcome!

**note the venue is indoors only, therefore Glow Poi only, No Fire Toys.

Want to know more about the DJ Program at
? Drop us a line below and get a free introductory
DJ lesson.

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Arturia: KeyLabs and Ableton Unite


So if you haven’t heard the news! Arturia‘s KeyLab and MiniLab controllers now comes bundled with Ableton Live Lite.




Here is a little preview of some Keylab demos!


Now if you’re new to Live or just want to learn more info on how Keylab can improve your Ableton experience check out some of the tutorials below! Though make sure to update your version of Live Lite for this amazing experience.

The new Live Lite update now supports Keylab and automatically synchs Live’s parameters to Keylab’s controls.

Or for more information on Keylab you can go to this link.

Get Ableton Live 9 Lite Here

And don’t forget about last weeks post on Ableton’s Link software is now open source!

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