30% off ALL Ableton software until Friday!

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The title really says it all, get 30% off Ableton Live 9, Push, Max, Packs… so many cool things for so much cheaper.

Live 9 – Save up to $225

Create, Produce and Perform in real-time with software you can play.


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We use Ableton Live in the studios at Mmmmaven for our music production courses. It’s a powerful Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) that’s easy to use and filled audio and MIDI capabilities. Learn more about Live.

Max for Live – Save up to $60!

Discover new instruments, effects and customizations for Live.


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With Max for Live you can go behind the scenes and customize… just about anything. Build your own effects, design your own synth, modify your hardware – the possibilities are endless. Based on Max 6 and integrated directly with Ableton Live’s UI, Max for Live will change your production game forever. Get details on the cool things you can do.


Expand your Ableton studio with instruments & sounds


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There are over 200 packs to choose from: sounds, instruments, and Max for Live devices. Producers are constantly coming out with new packs to beef up your library. 30% off any of these packs is a steal. Stock up while you can!

Sale ends this Friday [6/13] so buy now! Once you’ve loaded your computer with fancy new software, you’re going to want to know how to use it. We can teach you!