3 Reasons Not to Miss Lost in Boston with Distal tonight


1. Distal is proud to leave genre behind

The 28-year-old Distal has developed a signature style that traverses genres, moods and styles. His sets touch on everything from techno to jungle and break-core, and beyond. A scientific background in the research of Synesthesia adds yet another unique angle to his work.

2. It’s May 6th, but you can still celebrate Star Wars Day

Proud to embrace a bit of geeky heritage, Distal dropped a new Star Wars-themed track on Tuesday that references both Baltimore club music and Episode IV. Give it a listen and be on the lookout for it tonight, as Distal calls it “a fun interlude between the more serious club tracks” in his DJ set.

3. It’s a Music Ecology revival

Music Ecology has long held down the Tuesday night slot at Allston’s Wonder Bar, and its resident DJs Alex Russo and Dabu will keep the tradition alive with opening sets tonight.

All this for an $8 cover? It’s true. Check the Facebook event for more details, and get to Wonderbar at 9pm tonight.

Jimmy Edgar at Wonder Bar, 9/18/2012

MMMMaven in association with Music Ecology‘s Tuesdays at Wonder Bar features Jimmy Edgar. September 18th at 10 pm, 21+, $10 at the door.

Jimmy Edgar @ Wonder Bar, 9/18

Sex. That raw kind. The kind of encounter described in hushed tones to friends over the first round of drinks, then too loud and in too great detail to the strangers perched at the bar on the fifth. It’s not that Jimmy Edgar is trying to write a soundtrack to this kind of sex. Rather, Edgar is attempting to replicate the sounds, the emotions, the rhythms of lust–without actually recording what goes down in his own bedroom. Despite track titles like, “This One’s for the Children,” Edgar’s latest album, Majenta, is no less infused with the raw sexuality for which he is notorious. On the heels of his first release with Hotflush Recordings, the international musician, visual artist, and photographer began his 2012 world tour. Edgar brings the salacious and provocative beats of Majenta to his fans in a mix of DJ sets and live LED performances. The North American stretch of Edgar’s tour kicks off right here in Boston, September 18th, at Wonder Bar.


Three veterans of the Boston music scene are also featured in the night’s line-up:

Ali Berger returns to the stage after a brief hiatus. Berger, who’s been perfecting the flow of his funky sets, introduces us to some new tracks, including those on his latest EP with Militant Science. In the next year, Berger fans have more gigs to look forward to as well as his in-progress debut album.

Recent guest on In the MMMMix and the first guest of MMMMaven’s Friday Live Set, Doctor Jeep continues making the rounds on Boston stages. If you’re paying attention, you might just pick up some audible souvenirs from the Doc’s recent trip over to the UK.

A set from John Barera completes the program. Barera, who released his “Mile End” EP with Ortloff Records earlier this year, recently joined our friends over at Basstown as a new resident for Make It New.


You in?


So leave it to our friends at Music Ecology, Boston’s Tuesday-night electronic music party at the Wonder Bar, to give us an even better chance to make our goals.

Tuesday, July 10th the finest Tuesday night party crew will let us roll through with a few of our artists to spin music all night long, complete with astounding visuals, a vibrant crowd and lots of added love. After an opening DJ set from Make It New founder and Mmmmaven Director David Day we’ll hear big tunes from:

Balian (Berklee Electronica Club)

Carlos Perez De Anda is a special talent unleashed from the unrivaled Berklee School of Music. Like other graduates of the Electronic Production and Design program, he has the ability to craft nearly all types of music but, like any wise man today, his focus is on the technology and electronics of modern music. We first heard Carlos spin at Together 2011 and when we heard the mix, we were floored. Then we found out it wasn’t a mix at all, but a live set of original tunes. So we scooped him up.


For the summer, we have the distinct pleasure of working with Matt Rohr, aka Fens, in producing our events and managing some of our strongest relationship. Through his efforts managing the

Baltimoroder, aka Erik Pearson, has been associated with project do-Directors David Day and Alex Maniatis for nearly a decade. Mr. Pearson will serve as the first DJ instructor at the school, and has developed the curriculum. Pearson has won the Best DJ award from the Boston Music Awards and is an amazing dexterous DJ, able to mix nearly anything into nearly anything. Today, he mixes on Serato internal mode not unlike a machine, to be completely honest.

Music Ecology is a Boston based event production collective formed in the summer of 2009. Our weekly Tuesday night residency at Wonder Bar a well as numerous events throughout the city have exposed Boston audiences to numerous local, national and international talent.

For this and future events please visit http://www.musicecologyboston.com/
or find us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/MusicEcology
or follow us on twitter at http://twitter.com/music_ecology
check out live recordings from our Tuesday nights at http://www.soundcloud.com/music-ecology

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