A Rebirth: The MS-20M Module Synthesizer Kit


Legendary synthesizer company Korg has resurrected one of their most powerful and popular synths, the MS-20M, into a compact new kit available for your desktop. Minus the keyboard, it still has all the same functions as the original M2-20M plus a handful of new features like MIDI In and USB connectivity. At nearly 9 pounds and two feet in length, the synth isn’t particularly heavy, yet its size could translate to a tedious assembly process. That’s right: you have to put it together yourself.

You really can’t do better than this.

In regards to sound, the MS-20M has a versatile spectrum of sounds it can produce, from rumbling bass to punchy drum sounds and euphoric leads. The HP and LP filters sweep a huge frequency range, allowing intricate and detailed fine-tuning of its many sounds. Its sonic ability is a definite selling point. Press play on the video below for a nice introduction to this wonderful synthesizer.

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