Moog: New Grandmother Demo Libraries

Via the Moog Music Inc Newsletter

Learn the secrets of the Grandmother Semi-Modular Analog Synthesizer with this playlist of new tutorials from the Moog Demo library. These easy to follow videos teach sequencer basics, how to use the LFO as a third oscillator, and creative uses for the sync input.

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Beats by Girlz Fundraiser 11/18 #Video


Beats By Girlz is a non-traditional, creative and educational music technology curriculum and initiative designed by Associate Professor at Berklee College of Music, Erin Barra.

Built in response to a workshop piloted in 2011 and initially developed at The Lower Eastside Girls Club in NYC, Beats By Girlz is designed to empower young women in music technology by providing them with the guidance, access, tools and role-support to develop their interest (and ultimately their ability to pursue career opportunities) in music production, composition, engineering, etc.


Beats by Girlz & Mmmmaven present an open house to learn more about the music program this January for girls, non-gender binary, and/or trans youth ages 8-13.


You’ll have an opportunity to play around with equipment and ask instructors questions. We’ll also be raising money for scholarships, featuring prizes from Izotope, Moog Music, Focusrite, Roli and more!


Gary Numan Thinks The Music Industry’s Collapse Is A Beautiful Thing


Fast Company talked to synth pop pioneer Gary Numan about Moog synthesizers and the state of the music industry.

On his beginnings:

So as they’re loading in the gear, I’m already in there beginning to convert my guitar and bass punk songs into these amateurish electronic versions. They were pretty surprised…

It was just the most exciting thing. I don’t even know how to describe it. I thought it was a game-changing machine. I didn’t realize at the time that other people had already discovered it. I knew about Kraftwerk. I knew about [Brian] Eno’s work with David Bowie.

On electronic music:

Because electronic music is technology-driven to a large degree, it’s endlessly exciting. There’s always new things coming along.

To get the full scoop, including his compelling take on the music industry’s collapsse visit FastCompany.

Workshop: Mobile & Cloud Collaborative Sound Design


Tired of using a mouse and screen for sound design? No time to get into the studio and sample? Want to work on sound design with your friends? Turns out you have one of the most powerful sound design tools sitting in your pocket. Andrew Hlynsky is back from Valencia Spain to bring you a very special workshop. He will be going over how to sound design on IOS devices (Audiobus, Moog, Sugar Bytes, Hosaki, and Korg apps) and set up cloud based sample libraries you can contribute to with your friends.

Andrew Hlynsky is a drummer, sound designer and electronic musician. He has been using Ableton Live for nine years and teaching for two. He has also worked extensively as a sound designer and product developer working on libraries for NI’s Kontakt, the Akai MPC, and the Sonivox Playa series.

Andrew caters his teaching style to the needs and goals of the individual student. He focuses on developing proper workflow and compositional environments that facilitate expressive and efficient music making.

Class is in session at 7pm sharp! Don’t miss out. RSVP here: