Moog: New Grandmother Demo Libraries

Via the Moog Music Inc Newsletter

Learn the secrets of the Grandmother Semi-Modular Analog Synthesizer with this playlist of new tutorials from the Moog Demo library. These easy to follow videos teach sequencer basics, how to use the LFO as a third oscillator, and creative uses for the sync input.

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Music:)ally Talks to Roli Boss Roland Lamb about Blocks

“If the Seaboard is an evolution of the piano, let Blocks be an evolution of the drum.”

Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

British music-hardware startup ROLI has just launched its latest product, Seaboard Block, which the company hopes will help it attract more customers who are mainstream, amateur musicians rather than just professionals.

The new device, a £280 ‘super powered keyboard’, is effectively a hybrid of ROLI’s existing products: the Seaboard keyboard which first launched in early 2014, and the Blocks modular music-making devices that debuted in late 2016.

Interested? We sure are! Click right here and head to Music:)ally for the fascinating interview with Roli inventor Roland Lamb.

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Haxan Cloak Creates Mother-32 Sound Samples


Big news came down in the modular synth world on Thursday when Moog Music announced it’s entrant into the tabletop modular synth world, the adequately-named Mother-32.

As Fact Magazine says:

Much like Roland’s AIRA System-1m, Mother-32 plugs into other CV-enabled gear, but doesn’t require patching to create a sound. Unlike the System-1m, it’s fully analog, has the famous Moog ladder filter and also features a one-knob per function interface, 32-point patchbay and 32-step voltage-controlled sequencer, which stores 64 patterns.

Almost nearly as fast, artists began releasing variations on the power of its sound effects. Most notably is enigmatic UK “witchhouse” producer, and Bjork collaborator The Haxan Cloak.

They’re pretty illustrative of the Moog machine’s unique sound. Take a listen below:

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Moog To Produce a Limited Number of 1970’s Modular Synthesizers

At last years Moogfest, Moog replicated the Keith Emerson’s custom EMMS system. That’s when they realized, if they were able to it once, why not do it again?

That’s why in 2015 Moog will restart production of their 1970’s large scale sythnesizers: the System 35, System 55, and Model 15. Using the original schematics and original hand-soldering they will produce 35 System 35’s, 55 System 55’s, and 150 Model 15 systems.



While is certainly exciting news for music producers, especially those fond of a more classic sound, these systems will likely not come cheap due to the limited quantity being produced.

For more information on Moog and their Modular Synthesizers, take a look at the video below.

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