Ableton Live Meet-up [1/29] #FREE


Two of our Ableton Instructors are presenting at this free meetup on Friday, January 29th:

Using Max for Live BeatSeeker with a modular synthesizer

Mitchell Owens, Mmmmaven Instructor will discuss the new Max for Live device, BeatSeeker, has opened up a new avenue for live performers to sync their Live sessions with the “push and pull” of a live drummer. However, BeatSeeker is capable of much more than just syncing your sessions tempo to a drummers groove, it can read any rhythmic audio input and adjust your Live sessions tempo accordingly.

During the workshop we will explore BeatSeeker and its functionality, as well as some basic synthesis in the context of a modular synthesizer environment. Then we will explore the possibilities of syncing a Live session with an ever evolving modular synthesizer patch.

The Effects you Don’t Use in Ableton Live

Damian Silva, Mmmmaven instructor will give an overview of most unused effects in Ableton Live including Corpus.

Get tickets and RSVP here:

Haxan Cloak Creates Mother-32 Sound Samples


Big news came down in the modular synth world on Thursday when Moog Music announced it’s entrant into the tabletop modular synth world, the adequately-named Mother-32.

As Fact Magazine says:

Much like Roland’s AIRA System-1m, Mother-32 plugs into other CV-enabled gear, but doesn’t require patching to create a sound. Unlike the System-1m, it’s fully analog, has the famous Moog ladder filter and also features a one-knob per function interface, 32-point patchbay and 32-step voltage-controlled sequencer, which stores 64 patterns.

Almost nearly as fast, artists began releasing variations on the power of its sound effects. Most notably is enigmatic UK “witchhouse” producer, and Bjork collaborator The Haxan Cloak.

They’re pretty illustrative of the Moog machine’s unique sound. Take a listen below:

Want to get started on how to use these new music machines? Our Synthesis program is a pretty good place to start. Simply sign up to take a tour and Sarah will guide you from there.

Simian Mobile Disco at the Sinclair [FRI 9/20]

Simian Mobile Disco will be going on a short U.S. tour to support their newest ablum, buy Whorl, dosage toward the second half of September. The duo will be performing their new work at the Sinclair on Friday, September 20th. You can buy tickets here!

Simian Mobile Disco

Recorded in the desert of Joshua Tree National Park with just two modular synths, two sequencers, and a mixer, the technological constraints and alien location paved the way to a refreshing creative process. Since the album was recorded using “live” takes without the sequencing capabilities of computers, each performance will differ slightly from one another. You can preorder the album here! Check out this mini documentary on the production process behind Whorl.

Want to learn how to DJ or produce music electronically? Learn from the pros here at Mmmmaven!

Free Modular Bass Pack for Ableton!

spektro audio

Spektro Audio has released a sample pack full of analog bass sounds for FREE download.

Starting with a Eurorack modular, then running it through their CV-toolkit, Spektro created 10 Sampler-based bass patches. The CV-toolkit is an incredible tool for digitally controlling and effecting analog synths. At $20 standalone, or free with Max for Live, it’s a worthy purchase for anyone who owns an analog synthesizer! If you don’t own one, fear not, this sample pack should keep you happy for now.

We tried to come up with analog bass sounds that can work great in many different music genres by using variety of different oscillators, filters and synthesis techniques. – Spektro Audio

All samples were recorded at 24-bit and 48kHz through the UAudio Apollo interface, so whether you’re an amateur or pro in any genre, you’ll be ready to go with high quality and versatile sounds. Download the pack!

If you want to hear the sounds in action, Peter Kirn from Create Digital Music used the new sounds and his QuNexus Keyboard to make a series of loops that are also free to download on his Soundcloud:

For more free/cheap Max for Live devices, sample packs, and more, check out their projects page. And for instruction on all of the above, enroll in our music production program.