Beats by Girlz Fundraiser 11/18 #Video


Beats By Girlz is a non-traditional, creative and educational music technology curriculum and initiative designed by Associate Professor at Berklee College of Music, Erin Barra.

Built in response to a workshop piloted in 2011 and initially developed at The Lower Eastside Girls Club in NYC, Beats By Girlz is designed to empower young women in music technology by providing them with the guidance, access, tools and role-support to develop their interest (and ultimately their ability to pursue career opportunities) in music production, composition, engineering, etc.


Beats by Girlz & Mmmmaven present an open house to learn more about the music program this January for girls, non-gender binary, and/or trans youth ages 8-13.


You’ll have an opportunity to play around with equipment and ask instructors questions. We’ll also be raising money for scholarships, featuring prizes from Izotope, Moog Music, Focusrite, Roli and more!


How to chop vocals using Slice to MIDI in Ableton Live

Jason Petrin - Music Production Instructor

Quick tutorial from our music production instructor Jason Petrin on how to chop vocals using Slice to MIDI in Ableton Live. Watch him seamlessly create a perfect deep house track in minutes.

Want to learn Ableton but not sure where to get started? Come to a free introductory workshop on November 5th:

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Interested in learning more from Jason? He is available for group or private lessons. Drop us a line to learn more!

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Free DJ Workshop: Navigating Genres W/ Big Bear [10/28]


What is a Genre?

  • The Advantages of Open-Format DJing
  • Using Key and Tonality to arrange your set.
  • Setting points in the songs to mix into different genres.
  • Building open-format sets that will engage a crowd from start to finish.

Brian “Big Bear” Karanja is a Boston-based DJ, Event Producer and Filmmaker from Nairobi, Kenya. He began DJing over 7 years ago after falling in love with art right out high school.

His first love, hip-hop, helped him develop his skills on the turntables while DJing everything from family events to friend’s weddings. Now that his love for music has expanded into various genres, Big Bear’s sound has grown into what can be described as an international vibe. The sound that he has developed has taken him far to showcase his skills.

Having DJ’d in various cities in different countries and for crowds that range from the intimate to the enormous.


Big Bear now represents a group of creatives from different backgrounds named CLLCTV BOSTON. Together they are looking to foster and document the creative culture in Boston. They created “The Wave Boston“, a once-month dance party held during the day, which was awarded 2015’s Best of Boston – Best Dance Party by Boston Magazine. Through CLLCTV BOSTON, Big Bear is looking to help show Boston’s creative and cool side to its citizens and the outside world.

Big Bear is also a resident DJ at Middlesex Lounge in Cambridge, MA; and a resident DJ at A// Good (Pronounced All Good), a once-a-month
dance party held at Good Life Bar in Boston, MA.

a// good_big bear

You can find more info about Big Bear at his website.

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EDM Sound Design w/ Justin Maribito


In this week’s workshop we are going to cover basic and advanced techniques for sound design within electronic music production. We will begin with an overview of the difference between actual synthesis of sounds compared to utilizing samples, along with the strengths and weaknesses of each. From there, we will dive into the four basic sound waves and where each fits in the average EDM track.

We will dive into oscillators, filters, modulation, automation and macros, with an ultimate goal of showing how to make different sounds for leads, bass, pads, and keys.


We will then get into into sample-based synthesis, where we will begin with using Ableton live’s Simpler and Sampler. Give a rundown of the different ways we can manipulate samples to our liking, and how to perform “sample-based synthesis”, which is the art of taking a sample and beefing it up enough for it to stand out in a track.

Finally, we will go over some common effects used on both samples and synthesized sounds. We will cover the basics of Unison Detune, Distortion, Delay, Chorus, Flangers, Phasers, Reverb, and many more.

At the end of this workshop you will have a flexible understanding of the different ways to create and utilize sounds in your songs. So let’s do it!

Eventbrite - EDM Sound Design w/ Justin Maribito

About the instructor:

Justin Maribito is an electronic music producer, singer, DJ and audio engineer from Boston. His passion for music stems from a young age, and he transferred this passion into music production in college after realizing how much can be made “in the box” with software. Justin was never a strong instrumentalist (though he plays guitar, bass and piano), so electronic music gave him the ability to express the rhythms and melodies that are always playing in his head.

Yeah, it’s April 1st… #fools

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While he works in many different genres, Justin is mostly interested in creating hard-hitting and vocal-driven melodic dubstep that fuses essences of alternative and post-hardcore rock music. He is always pushing to innovate with his sound which he calls NuBass.

He is relentless in finding new and unique ways to explore music, both in production, mixing/mastering, and exposure. Justin has released over 20 tracks to this date and is working to release a new, self-titled EP in early 2017.

Want to know more about the DJ Program at MMMMAVEN? Drop us a line below and get a free introductory DJ lesson.

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