Mmmmaven Recharge Lounge Recap Day 1 & 2

Together 5 has begun and the Mmmmaven Recharge Lounge had a great start! Fully stocked on Red Bull and Pretzel Crisps, we’re a great place to stop and rest before the night begins, but we’re offering more than just relaxation. All week we’ll have fun and informative music workshops, teaching about collaboration, technology, and music production.

If you missed it, don’t fret! We have some workshops left to spare, and you can catch up with what’s happened so far!

Day 1

mmmmaven recharge workshop 1

Danny Satori (right) came representing ToUch Performance Arts for the collaboration master class. ToUch Performance performs with DJs and live instruments, which takes a lot of work and practice off stage to pull off. Danny had great tips about the creative process and even taught some keytar! Next, Damian came to teach about Ableton Live.

mmmmaven recharge workshop 4

Damian (left) used MIDI controllers and synthesizers to give a hands-on approach to hardware and software integration in Ableton Live. The Mmmmaven classrooms were filled with crazy gadgets and sounds!

Day Two

We were excited, as always, to have Moduloktopus in our studios last night to present Keith McMillen Instruments. You could hear the audience’s reactions down the hall as they laughed and cheered for him throughout the open house. Through a mixture of hands-on student experiences and impressive performances, Moduloktopus showed off the amazing MIDI instruments that KMI have been cooking up over the years.

mmmmaven recharge workshop 2

And check out Moduloktopus’ recording from last night’s performance…

One lucky winner went home with his own QuNexus! (can you guess which one he is?)

QuNexus winner mmmmaven recharge

Do you see what you’re missing?! Well, you haven’t even seen it all. By the time you finish this post, you might be rushing over here for our workshop tonight!

We also have insanely cool art installations all over our walls from Andrew Hlynsky:

mmmmaven recharge lounge

And in the other room, there’s couches, snacks, more art, and DJ Mickey Grouse played some great tracks yesterday:

mmmmaven recharge workshop 3

The rest of the week just keeps getting better. Tonight, learn about recording live instruments into Ableton Live, and then modulating and shaping the sounds to something new and interesting. And don’t forget about our iZotope workshops, Record Fair, Ableton Spaces workshops, and an Open House for our Summer Camp! There’s something for everyone this year at Together!

Mmmmaven Recharge Lounge: KMI Open House + Workshop [5/13]


Every weekday during the Together Festival, you can head over to Mmmmaven studios to relax, listen to music, charge your devices, and participate in awesome workshops.
keith mcmillen instruments

MIDI controllers are essential to many artists’ setups these days. A huge factor in the quality of a MIDI controller is the availability of musical expression. Since MIDI isn’t directly played by hand, achieving a human “feel” to the music is a challenge that Keith McMillen Instruments has worked to meet.

Mmmmaven instructor Wigbert Caro aka Moduloktopus, will show attendees how Keith McMillen Instruments offers modern ways of expression, giving artists even more musical freedom.


This workshop also features a giveaway to audience members!! RSVP and find out more!

Wanna learn more about music production?

Mmmmaven Recharge Lounge: Live Instrumentation w/ Ableton Live [5/14]


Every weekday during the Together Festival, you can head over to Mmmmaven studios to relax, listen to music, charge your devices, and participate in awesome workshops.

Fusing real instruments with the digital music world creates infinite sonic possibilities. That was a lot of big words, but to put it plainly: when you record a real instrument on the computer you can use tools to make it sound completely different, coming up with new and interesting sounds that give your music a unique style.

The workshop will start out teaching about the different types of effects and modulations available to you to edit your sounds. Then four stations will be available, each specializing on an instrument class ready to plug and play. You can even bring your own instrument to play around with! This is a great hands on experience for anyone interested in sound design.

Join Mmmmaven instructor and DJ/Producer Mike McCarthy (AKA Wobblesauce / Dark City Agent) on Wednesday, May 14th! More info and RSVP.

Can’t make it then? Together is throwing tons of events all week. Away for the week? We offer courses year round!

Mmmmaven Recharge Lounge: Music Tech Workshops [5/12]


Every weekday during the Together Festival, you can head over to Mmmmaven studios to relax, listen to music, charge your devices, and participate in awesome workshops.

On Monday, ToUch Performance Art will have a Masterclass Workshop for Collaborative Artists, followed by “Integrating Hardware & Software w/ Ableton Live,” hosted by Damian from Bassic Boston.

ToUch Performance Art’s workshop works with one of the main focuses of the Together festival: collaboration. It’s recommended that musicians bring their instrument for the live collaboration session during the workshop. The masterclass will cover production track analysis, how to build escalating rhythms & riffs, call-and-response between musicians, and more collaboration techniques.

bassic boston logo

Then Damian will teach about working with hardware and software in Ableton Live. He will cover MIDI and Control Voltage control voltage comparison, Using hardware synths and effects processors with Ableton and Integrating hardware controllers (Maschine, Keyboard, Electronic Drum Kits) into software based studio.

For a list of all of the Mmmmaven workshops and other cool Mmmmaven events, click here.