Mmmmaven Recharge Lounge Recap Day 1 & 2

Together 5 has begun and the Mmmmaven Recharge Lounge had a great start! Fully stocked on Red Bull and Pretzel Crisps, we’re a great place to stop and rest before the night begins, but we’re offering more than just relaxation. All week we’ll have fun and informative music workshops, teaching about collaboration, technology, and music production.

If you missed it, don’t fret! We have some workshops left to spare, and you can catch up with what’s happened so far!

Day 1

mmmmaven recharge workshop 1

Danny Satori (right) came representing ToUch Performance Arts for the collaboration master class. ToUch Performance performs with DJs and live instruments, which takes a lot of work and practice off stage to pull off. Danny had great tips about the creative process and even taught some keytar! Next, Damian came to teach about Ableton Live.

mmmmaven recharge workshop 4

Damian (left) used MIDI controllers and synthesizers to give a hands-on approach to hardware and software integration in Ableton Live. The Mmmmaven classrooms were filled with crazy gadgets and sounds!

Day Two

We were excited, as always, to have Moduloktopus in our studios last night to present Keith McMillen Instruments. You could hear the audience’s reactions down the hall as they laughed and cheered for him throughout the open house. Through a mixture of hands-on student experiences and impressive performances, Moduloktopus showed off the amazing MIDI instruments that KMI have been cooking up over the years.

mmmmaven recharge workshop 2

And check out Moduloktopus’ recording from last night’s performance…

One lucky winner went home with his own QuNexus! (can you guess which one he is?)

QuNexus winner mmmmaven recharge

Do you see what you’re missing?! Well, you haven’t even seen it all. By the time you finish this post, you might be rushing over here for our workshop tonight!

We also have insanely cool art installations all over our walls from Andrew Hlynsky:

mmmmaven recharge lounge

And in the other room, there’s couches, snacks, more art, and DJ Mickey Grouse played some great tracks yesterday:

mmmmaven recharge workshop 3

The rest of the week just keeps getting better. Tonight, learn about recording live instruments into Ableton Live, and then modulating and shaping the sounds to something new and interesting. And don’t forget about our iZotope workshops, Record Fair, Ableton Spaces workshops, and an Open House for our Summer Camp! There’s something for everyone this year at Together!

Together 5 Mmmmaven Events

mmmmaven together festival

Together’s lineup this year is pretty incredible, but if that’s all you know then you’re missing half the fun! During the day, Together will have events here at Mmmmaven studios and at District Hall ranging from talks, to presentations, to workshops, and more!

See below for a highlight of each day, or check out the schedule for the full list of events.


Mmmmaven Recharge Lounge (5-8PM): Every day you can come to Mmmmaven (614 Massachusetts Avenue #2) to relax, listen to music, charge your phone, and drink plenty of water! On Monday at 6, come see ToUch Performance (pictured below) present a master class on collaboration between DJs and musicians.

Then stick around for a workshop on integrating software and hardware w/ Ableton Live @7PM.

acoustica electronica touch performance


Mmmmaven Recharge Lounge (5-8PM): Come relax and while you’re at it, you can watch Moduloktopus present Keith McMillen Instruments, a leading brand in MIDI instruments (Starts @ 6PM). Listen to Moduloktopus’ latest release:


Mmmmaven Recharge Lounge (5-8PM): You can chill out and  join Mmmmaven instructor Mike McCarthy, on an instrumental processing adventure. Explore ways to sonically shape, modulate, and process live guitar, strings, horns, and vocals. Feel free to bring your musical weapon of choice!


Isotope Workshops @ Together Center (12:30-5:30PM): First, come for Drum Design and Music Production. Drums are a vital element to your song, no matter what genre you’re producing. Join experts from Izotope at District Hall to learn about drum design for all different types of EDM. Then come back at 2:30 for a Q+A and again at 4:30 for a workshop on recording vocals!


Ableton Spaces @ Together Center (1:30-7): First, Natasha Kmeto shows her techniques for editing and adding effects to her vocals while playing live. She will cover the different technologies she uses as well as give a live demonstration at the end.

Then come back at 6PM for a demo with Tensnake!

Mmmmaven Recharge Lounge: Soul Clap Record Fair (5-PM): Boston’s most renowned vinyl collectors, DevNull, Soul Clap, and and Nick Minieri, have collected tons and tons of records for you to dig through! Come  find that classic record you’ve been searching for, or beef up your collection with $1 bins!



Ableton Spaces @ Together Center [cont.] (1:30PM): Generating Music with Plants – Learn how Datagarden uses Ableton Live in tandem with Max for Live to create music from plants’ biological data.

Then at 4, LOL Ableton Push with Jerome LOL and Ableton Certified Trainer Loudon Stearns. Taking an in-depth look at the Ableton Push and the amazing features that completely change music production and performance. Come learn how this instrument can change your workflow both on and off stage.



Beat Academy Live! (12-6PM): Mmmmaven will host an open house with a music tech petting zoo and live demonstrations. Come to our studios and learn about our summer camp Beat Academy, a week long youth DJ program


There are so many more events this week, so check the schedule for a full list!