My Summer as Mmmmaven Intern


As the summer comes to an end, so does my time as an intern here at Mmmmaven. I’m sad, because working here has definitely been one of the most interesting and rewarding career-related endeavors that I’ve had the opportunity to partake in so far.

I mean, imagine being given the opportunity to closely work with some of Boston’s most talented DJs and producers while having access to great events and shows where you can meet like-minded individuals, network, and learn, all while having fun!

It no secret why it hurts so much to have to leave! And now I sit here on my last week of work, dreading that final day, trying to find the words to summarize my entire experience. It’s been a wild ride; Choosing to spend my summer working here was probably one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, which is crazy, because four years ago when I moved to Boston I had no idea that this was the path that my life would take.

Before graduating this past May with hopes of starting a career within the music industry, My interests took shape last Summer when I went home to Puerto Rico and found that my best friends had started getting into techno and deep house music thanks to the opening of One Bar, an after-hours club in the heart of historic Old San Juan.

I fell in love with the music and how close-knit and accepting the community was, finally feeling like I had found where I needed to be. I spent the next year learning and exploring everything I possibly could within those genres and trying to find out how I was going to take this new appreciation and combine it with what I was learning in school. That’s when I found Mmmmaven. 

I was doing a show for my college radio station when a friend of mine told me about a school in Cambridge that teaches both DJing and electronic music production. Because these were two things that I was looking to pursue, I did a quick Google search and was immediately impressed; they taught everything that I was looking to learn and had also a killer lineup of shows scheduled for the rest of the year at Make it New. How was it that I had absolutely no previous knowledge of this local music school that also books excellent shows? I immediately knew that I wanted to get involved with them one way or another.

How was it that I had absolutely no previous knowledge of this local music school that also books excellent shows?

So I applied, interviewed, and got the job! You could only imagine how excited I was when I was accepted into doing their Summer internship. I was thrilled that I was going to be working in the heart of Central Square in a one-of-a-kind space. If you’ve never been here and you’re interested in what we do, I strongly suggest coming in for a free DJ lesson and taking a tour because it is definitely one of the coolest offices that you’ll ever get to visit.

Walking in, you step into a dimly lit hallway decorated with eye-catching art and installations (which are updated and replaced after every Together with new works by local artists), then as you explore further you find our DJ lab with turntables at every station, an audio production lab with all the gear you could ever imagine, interesting music books, and sometimes, even a dog.

This office is any aspiring musicians’ dream!

One of the many workshops we hosted this summer for local children's camps.
One of the many workshops we hosted this summer for local children’s camps.
as you are
Having a great time at ‘As You Are’ in June.

No one day here is the same, though there are several routine tasks that need to be completed every week (e.g. making sure classrooms student-ready, doing gear inventory, and making social media posts for our weekly events). My focus most of the time was on marketing and blogging, though I did have some unique one-off tasks here and there. The most memorable task I was assigned at Mmmmaven was during the first weeks of June when I helped out with the production of As You Are; This event was my first time attending the Marsh Post (where Dancing on the Charles happens), so I had no idea what to expect and was very nervous since I didn’t know anyone who was going and had recently just joined the team. I was quickly embraced by the attendees, although I had arrived by myself, and even met new people who’d eventually become my friends as I saw them repeatedly at other events throughout the city later on. This is where the internship clashed with real life and became even more interesting, making it an easy way to meet new people.

If you’re regularly attending local nightlife events, eventually you’ll know (almost) everyone, including the DJs. The crazy part is that some of these DJs are connected to Mmmmaven one way or another, meaning that I often saw many of them come through the office to either work or just to say hello during my time as an intern.

We set off Pokemon Go ‘Lures’ at our Poke-Stop in July as part of our promotional efforts.

Working here isn’t all fun and games though, and there are a lot of things going on behind the scenes that wouldn’t be possible without the help of interns. There are times instructors will need assistance with kids when they come for events such as the Beat Academy, and there are other times where you might need to carry the gear that is on the rider for whoever is playing Make It New on Thursday night. Between our weekly events, free workshops, and regular class programming there is a lot of work that needs to be done! Other happenings that may occur at the offices that interns can take part in include outside-the-box marketing efforts such as our Pokemon Go ‘Lures’ in July. Promotions and events like these are only a fraction of the unique and interesting activities that go on here at MMMMaven.

And so now it is with heavy heart that I close this chapter of my life and say goodbye to the Mmmmaven family! I would like to thank everyone who made this experience possible and hope to work with all of you again someday…

If you, or anyone you know, would like to find out more about interning at MMMMaven click here to find our requirements or contact directly.