Boston Creates Meet-Up #Free w/ RSVP [8/7]


All around the metro, an ongoing conversation is happening about Boston Creates, the first-ever arts and culture plan for the City of Boston.



What is Boston Creates?
Over the next 15 months, Boston Creates will provide an opportunity for Boston’s many communities and neighborhoods to create a cultural blueprint highlighting Boston’s strengths and setting innovative goals for the future. We’ll look at community organizations and individual artists; cultural spaces and facilities; our cultural heritage and communities; our festivals and events; and creative industries and occupations. Mmmmaven is happy to host this event and it is free and open to the public with RSVP. Space is limited so be sure to get involved early.


This is an official government campaign and your voice will be heard.

If you live, work, go out in or participate in Boston’s culture, you’re welcome to join in the process. If you can’t make it to the event have no fear! You can voice your opinion online by clicking here.

The Boston Creates Meet-Up takes place on Friday August 7th at the Mmmmaven HQ.

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Mmmmaven Recharge Lounge: Live Instrumentation w/ Ableton Live [5/14]


Every weekday during the Together Festival, you can head over to Mmmmaven studios to relax, listen to music, charge your devices, and participate in awesome workshops.

Fusing real instruments with the digital music world creates infinite sonic possibilities. That was a lot of big words, but to put it plainly: when you record a real instrument on the computer you can use tools to make it sound completely different, coming up with new and interesting sounds that give your music a unique style.

The workshop will start out teaching about the different types of effects and modulations available to you to edit your sounds. Then four stations will be available, each specializing on an instrument class ready to plug and play. You can even bring your own instrument to play around with! This is a great hands on experience for anyone interested in sound design.

Join Mmmmaven instructor and DJ/Producer Mike McCarthy (AKA Wobblesauce / Dark City Agent) on Wednesday, May 14th! More info and RSVP.

Can’t make it then? Together is throwing tons of events all week. Away for the week? We offer courses year round!