Ten Minute Beats: Racing “Against the Clock” with Braille


FACT Magazine put the production skills of Praveen Sharma, vcialis 40mg better known as Braille to his listeners, erectile  to the test earlier this month when they challenged him to crank out a beat in ten short minutes.

The result is a sleepy, buy synth-driven tune complete with lots of reverb, melodic keys, and sound samples courtesy of drumsticks banging on glass.

Watch his valiant attempt below and decide for yourself if the resulting track is a success worthy of more time spent on it.

Like what you hear? You can catch Braille playing under the pseudonym Sepalcure, his project with fellow producer Machinedrum, at Make It New on December 3rd.

Three Reasons Not to Miss Bob Moses at MIN Tonight (11/6)

10710583_728383543917452_2937099182962462191_nThe smoldering Deep House duo Bob Moses will be playing live tonight (11/6) at Make It New. Here’s three reasons not to miss out.

1: Bob Moses is incredibly smooth.
You’re not gonna wanna miss these guys. Their music features smokey vocals, hypnotic looping melodies and a certain kind progression that evolves to soaring heights while sitting in a stagnant haze. Their music is all at once deep, bluesy, and danceable.

2: This is the duo’s first international tour.
These two guys are picking up steam fast. Interest quickly started picking up after the release of the group’s sultry sophomore ep “Far From The Tree.” The buzz from the album soon landed them a deal with Domino Records and tour dates around the world.

3: Make It New hasn’t had a live headliner in quite a while.
Make It New has always been home to amazing DJ sets but tonight you can get a little something extra. Bob Moses features a live singer, live guitar and laptop performance. If you’re tired of DJ sets but love some deep house, then this is the show for you.

Thusday 11/6/14
door tickets only.
$15 all night
doors at 9pm
Don’t miss out

Interested in learning some production skills for yourself? Check out Mmmmaven’s Production Courses!


Braille at Make it New


Our man Braille is bringing his driving funky beats to Make it New Thursday, December 5th. No slouch behind the decks Braille puts on quite the show, constantly tweaking and rearranging elements of his live set. Of course his balance between tweaking everything and letting the music talk is very important. His performance on Boiler Room TV is a perfect example of this balance.

This guy has such a great control of dynamics, slowly transitioning from louder more intense movements to softer more chilled out movements. All seamlessly executed.

If you want to learn more about Braille then check out his Resident Advisor profile here.

You can also hit up his facebook page.

And most importantly don’t forget to come to Make it New at Middlesex (located at 315 Mass ave. Cambridge MA). The show goes from 9pm-2am and tickets are $10. Here is the facebook event page. See you there!

Make it New Presents: Tunnelbana Halloween the Return feat. Doctor Jeep


It’s that spooky time of year again! And what better way to celebrate it than with two parties going on at once at Cambridge’s hottest venue.

There will be the standard Make it New party at Middlesex Lounge with Doctor Jeep joined by residents Alan Manzi and John Barera. As well as another party at Miracle of Science with Baltimoroder and Coralcola.

Entrance to the event is $10 without a costume and $5 with a costume. Your ticket allows you to go between both venues, so you can vibe off the different music! The shows go from 9:00pm-2:00am, so come dressed up and ready to bounce around with some awesome music!

Check out the facebook event here

See you there!