Make It New with Leon Vynehall [9/29]


“House music with the heart of a singer/songwriter” — Resident Advisor
“[Rojas] shows how a sweaty, pheromone-filled dance floor can also double as paradise.” — NPR Music
“An artful blend of punchy and plush.” — Pitchfork

The romantic beat of Leon Vynehall’s music has garnered acclaim from a wide variety of sources because his music appeals to more than the feet. And people noticed.

But Vynehall isn’t a DJ, though he does that very well. He isn’t a producer, although that is what he does. And he’s certainly not an “electronic” artist, though how he creates is very techno-savvy.

As he told RBMA: “I don’t see myself as a house musician; I’m just a musician”

Make It New with Leon Vynehall
+ resident Mike Swells
Thursday September 29, 2016
Middlesex Lounge
Central Square Cultural District