.@PrismDub comes home to @WonderBarBoston tonight


Boston’s own Prism has been out and about on his Biodigital Jazz tour for the past 4 months, but tonight he’s finally back in town for what’s sure to be a killer show at Allston’s Wonder Bar. Eddy M and M Rivera will round out the bill.

Dave Hanson, better known as Prism, is quickly becoming one of Boston’s most notable and unique producers, focused on an unusual nexus of dubstep and jazz. Hanson is an avowed fan of heady jazz fusion, and that background works its way into his work as a DJ and producer. Tonight, for instance, he’ll be accompanied by saxophonist Dennison Blackett at Wonder Bar.

Hanson discussed his background in jazz (and the myriad details of his extensive recent touring activities) with Dubs Alive last month:

I grew up at that perfect age, 12-13 and 16, those ages always stick in musicians heads for some reason. The music we listen to at that time just has more weight to it and can catch you. And that’s when Napster came out. I’d go to my dad’s house on the weekends, and I didn’t know what he was doing at the time, but I told him about the program and about how you can search, listen and download, and he’d have me look up, like, Alan Holdsworth and I’d find some songs and he’d pick out “Metal Fatigue” or whatever, and he was schooling me. I had no idea, and this went on for years. So eventually all the Jazz Fusion and weird stuff he was into, I got into.

Cover is just $5 at Wonder Bar tonight, so be sure not to miss Prism’s triumphant return from tour.

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